LIVE REVIEW: Lauran Hibberd Clwb Ifor Bach 22/09/22

Cardiff’s youth were out in full attendance to bear witness to an exciting and refreshing array of talent.

Viji opened proceedings with their moody, Lo- fi indie. Drum led grooves were in high supply as the Austrian Brazilian Vanilla Jenner sauntered around the stage with pnash. A great gig opener for those eager and wanting a sample of everything on offer. By the time they left the stage everyone in the crowd felt vindicated in their decision to arrive early.

Daisy Brain followed, injecting raw energy into the crowd. A cacophonous roar prevented idle chatter and grabbed attention. Daisy Brain’s influences are worn clearly on their sleeve; late 90s and early 00s garage rock through the lense of 2022. Dirty,skuzzy yet delectable guitars pack the punch but the band delivered on more than frenetic guitars with some more solemn songs albeit tongue in cheek.

Lauran Hibberd closed the night amping up the raucous student crowd. An intrinsically mastered set packed to the rafters with alt pop anthems that take on a new form in a live capacity. When Lauran wasn’t making the crowd reach for the floor and the ceiling she was entertaining with some self deprecating humour. A talented artist coming into their own delivering a fun care free night.

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