Music Through Grief

Music has always been a huge part of my life, more so after the recent personal tragedy I’ve had of losing my Dad in April due to Coronavirus. Throughout lockdown, you will most likely find me with my headphones in or listening to LPs on my record player. Music isn’t just something to listen to, it’s a passion, something to reflect on, cry to, sing along to and most importantly, to listen to the lyrics.

One band that has heightened my love for Indie music over the last few months has been The Lathums. I’m confident that this band could potentially be a decade defining band and at such a young age, they are surely destined for great things in the music industry. Whatever mood you’re in, The Lathums seem to have a song that fits the bill. One thing I know about these boys from Wigan, is whatever they release will be a brilliant addition to any playlist.

The first Lathums song I heard was ‘This Place O’Yours’. This reflective track really hit me the night that my dad was admitted to hospital, and the opening lines ‘llevame este al lugar tuyo, al lugar que llamamos afinidad’ (which translates to ‘take me to this place o yours, to the place you call affinity’) will stay with me for life. The song will be forever etched in my memory as the soundtrack of the last few months.

My dad was always invested in Indie music, more so the songs that have deep lyrics and have underlying meanings behind the lyrics. For me, The Lathums have passionately expressed this style with ‘This Place O’Yours’ and a track they released only on their social media and conveniently called ‘I’ll never forget the time I spend with you’. Expertly written and performed by frontman Alex Moore, who shows maturity beyond his years to write some incredible lyrics, along with a voice with incredible range. These tracks have blended perfectly with the return and timely up rise of guitar music. These thought-provoking lyrics are not just written to perfection, but also allow a prolonged period of reflection and nostalgia, and I think that the lads have really mastered that quality.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what these boys produce in the future, most notably their upcoming album which is currently in creation. One thing for certain is that this band is definitely on the up and on course for the very top.

Owen Rodbard

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