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NEW: Artificial – Room D

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this lockdown and I’ve give anything to be in a smelly field, surrounded by sweaty teenagers and old men who think they’ve still got it, right in the midst of festival season. Luckily, Room D have just released their brand new single “Artificial” which is full of summer vibes, and for as long as the weather stays dry, it’s one you can belt out of your speakers in the garden with a few tinnies, and imagine for a few minutes you’re in that field.

The band, a five-piece from Manchester, burst onto the scene last year with their third release Neon Lights, a party anthem much like old-Wombats so that’s what I was expecting with Artificial, but I was very wrong. Artifical is a track that is much more Marsicans than 00s indie and it works really well.

The song kicks in with a happy, funky riff before dropping into Callum McPartland’s exposed vocal. It’s simplistic but effective, and immediately puts a smile on your face. As Artificial progresses, you start to learn a lot about the band and the sound they’re going for. When bass and guitars are combined in the bridge, Room D sound composed, and like a band that have been doing this for some time. The chorus, instant winner; it’s catchy, easy to pick up, and importantly, crescendos the verse perfectly.

Artificial is a big step forward for Room D, but I think there’s a long way to go before they’re really challenging some of the other bands in this space. I would happily play this song to my dad, my mates, my colleagues and they’d all say it’s nice. For me though, there are glimmers of brilliance in this track that mean this band can take it up a notch or two further on their next release.It’s more original than their previous release and assuming this is a sign of what’s to come, I’m excited.

Main Photo Credit: Pivot Photography

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