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Live: Walt Disco – Fulford Arms, York

I wasn’t alive in the 1980s, let alone experienced the decade many hark back to so often, but in recent times, it seems that much of 80s culture has crept back into society. With 2020 being a new decade I thought it was finally time to embrace some of this full on by going to see Walt Disco live in York.

Photo Credit: Dylan Moore

Having listened to the five-piece’s five released tracks so far on Spotify, I had a bit of an idea what to expect, but nothing prepared me for the set I was about to see and hear. Dressed in frilly shirts and an eclectic range of garments, the Glaswegian band came out with a real confidence and assurance onto the Fulford Arms stage. Kicking off the set early with Strange to know Nothing the band set the rhythm and atmosphere right from the stat.

There was so much energy coming from the band for the entirety of the set and unlike many bands who attempt a sound and look like Walt Disco do, nailed everything they did that night. With real Bowie and Adam Ant vibes, the band rattled through a high-octane set without a single bad track performed all night. It was genuinely refreshing, especially in York on a Monday, to see a crowd really let go of their feelings and emotions too. It felt like at times we were in some strange music video choreographed for an 80s dark-pop band such were the dance moves on show, but it was awesome to be a part of.

The set was superb. The band had a sense of humour often missing from young bands too which was nice to see. They weren’t scared of chatting and getting involved with the crowd and I do think the band were genuinely surprised with the reception they got on a cold night in York. Given the chance, this band can be influential in encouraging people of all backgrounds to come out and play at a live music gig. No judgement, no rules, no barriers, just quality music in a safe and fun atmosphere – Walt Disco can be the flagship band for that and they’re genuinely exciting me with what they could do.

Scotland is a country on the up when it comes to music, but Walt Disco are something completely different. Blending the best of 80s pop with the very best of 80s goth synth, they have a sound I envy. If I was an artist, I’d want to be this creative and innovative; I honestly can say this was one of the most enjoyable experiences of 2020 so far seeing Walt Disco live and I urge you to go and liberate yourself by watching them this year.

Adam Graver

Photo Credit: Darkoom Memoir

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