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Review: Stanleys – A Better Life

Back in 2019, there was one band that stood out for me above anyone else on the grassroots circuit. That band were Wigan’s Lathums. And listening to them on track and live I made the prediction that few bands over the next few days could create music like they did last year – within 15 days of 2020 I’ve been proved wrong.

New release from Wigan band Stanleys has blown me away. 3 minutes of pure brilliance has been packed into their January release A Better Life.

For years, Wigan hasn’t been seen as a hub for music but my god what a year the town has had. This release is without doubt the track of 2020 so far with its huge hooks and ridiculously tight vocals. Is it close to The Lathums? Yes. Is that at a bad thing? No chance.

There’s an originality, much like in the 90s we had a britpop wave, The Stanley’s along with a few bands are starting a new sound for this decade: everything about this track is enjoyable. Harmonies followed by the most beautiful bridge from a band only just starting out make for a really quite stunning first listen.

With few followers across social media, this song needs to land with the big promoters but what a start for this north west band. I’m a fan and will be watching these guys closely over the next 13 month’s 

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