Review: Feel It – Paint Me In Colour

Paint Me In Colour are a Liverpool based three-piece consisting of Olivia Springer, Matt Johnson and Sam Pierpoint.  They formed in 2017, play Indie-pop, and cite their influences as Aretha Franklin and Pink Floyd.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them, Feel It is their debut single, and an intriguing introduction it is too.  

Feel It starts with a low-fi drum intro of indeterminate nature which quickly develops into an African style drum-beat.  In the 80’s it would have been called World Music.  The jangly guitars and jumpy bass mirror the drums giving the song a really up-beat start.  

When Olivia Springer’s vocals kick-in, a whole new dimension develops.   As mentioned earlier, the band cite Aretha Franklin as an influence, but listening to Springer’s vocals, especially when double tracked and doing backing vocals too, it’s another Motown legend that is brought to mind.  The sing-song rhythms remined me of Jackson Five era Michael Jackson.  Think ABC or Rockin’ Robin and you’re in the right-sounding ball-park. 

The song carries on in this catchy, affable, afro beat meets – Motown manner until it takes a dramatic turn in the middle and goes all Dark Side of the Moon.  We’re suddenly, musically in Great Gig in The Sky territory, psychedelic with soaring, haunting vocals.  

The subject matter of the song is the myriad of emotions that you feel when you are in a relationship.  They may not all be good, but you feel them all the same, ‘Little things about you make me feel safe and sound’ followed by, ‘Really piss me off sometimes, your face gets on my nerves’. 

The song returns to its original rhythm and tempo and ends as it starts, up-beat and joyful.  It’s as if the changes in pace through the song reflect the changes in emotion you feel as you pass through stages of a relationship.      

Paint Me In Colour certainly wear their influences on their collective sleeves.  There are soulful vocals and psychedelic interludes.  It would be easy to fall into pastiche or parody but Paint Me In Colour don’t fall into this trap.  They take their influences and use them to create something original and interesting.  There are plans for an EP in 2020 and if it’s as good as this first outing, I look forward to it with anticipation.                      

Feel it is released on all streaming platforms on 29th November.  If you want to catch them live, they will be supporting The Kairos at Jimmy’s, Liverpool on Saturday 14th December.      

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