Single Review: The Briar Woods – Time For Change (3am)

The Briar Woods is the new collaboration between Liverpool based Glen Skelhorn and Ben Curtis. Their first track 3AM is a promising retro 1960’s hippy pop ditty with a lot of wholesome cherry pie on top.

The trumpet and flugelhorn of Emily McDaid add a pleasing layer of class which moves the song away from being too routine. The song is one of those songs that creeps into your brain and is a happy wave hello for the band.

It will be interesting to see which way The Briar Woods turn next. Ben Curtis is also a member of The Moons, who can sound like a groovy strange hybrid of Austin Powers, psych and Syd Barrett, and a member of the more relaxed lush rock sound of the Sand Band. Meanwhile Glen Skelhorn’s former band The Gutterfighters were gutsier  with a harder 60’s R&B bent.

Watch this space.

Chris R



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