roves // i fear the water

Reading based roves are a band I tipped earlier in the year after falling in love with their sweeping and strong first release always. This young band have now managed to pull off another impressive coup with their second released track i fear the water.

What strikes me is how roves are so confident in their skin so early in their career producing a track like i fear the water. This song is not as immediately accessible as its predecessor, but after a couple of plays I realised it offers a master-class in lush sweeping melody and creating tension with its soaring slow burner build up song about the bumps on the road getting over a broken heart.

Add in that lead singer Ethan Morgan has a liquid expressive singing voice that I’d kill to own, along with those tight, understated guitar melodies and a drummer not afraid to let a slightly sinister space creep into the tune and this is a real winner. When I wrote about the band last time, I described how fans of Band of Horses, Dry The River and Fleet Foxes would feel at home with roves, and that hold true with this track too. Perhaps the only slightly disconcerting thing about this band is typing their name and song titles without capitalisation.

roves are Ethan Morgan (Vocals/Guitar), Connor Coutts (Guitar), Ellis Morgan (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Jamieson (Drums). While the band are currently gigging primarily around their local area (next at Reading’s Rising Sun Arts Centre on Friday 29 June), they have some exciting plans to lay down another track and will then prepare for their first EP later on in the year.

Chris R       

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