Demons of Ruby Mae // Beneath The Surface

The whitewashed cellar of Manchester’s Whiskey Jar is my kind of venue for live music; there’s nothing but the stage close up and personal to focus on. Or it would have been were it not for the noisy group of people at the back who decided this small and intimate venue was just the ideal place for a good old cackling chin wag.

While I, without more sophisticated tools and favouring the direct approach, would have probably marched over to tell the chattering classes to “shut the f** up or get out”, ever the professional Jonny Gavin, lead singer of two piece electronic indie band Demons of Ruby Mae on stage, asked the crowd politely to quieten it down (for the sake of those who might have had the audacity to come to a gig to listen to the music). When the chattering continued, there was only one way for this polite and calm duo to proceed: perform their recently released debut single Beneath The Surface.

Beneath The Surface has been given a recent well deserved re-airing as it did not receive the attention it deserved first time round in 2014. This is a quietly haunting song; the cool, more subtle younger brother of Simply Red’s Holding Back The Years.

Gavin’s vocals on this track are stunning and he beat the chattering into submission with nothing more aggressive than song. Meanwhile the melody of keyboard man Adam Rowley swirls his melody around the vocals like a seductive python giving a gentle hug to the lyrics. This is a song that can barely contain its emotion and the track poignantly closed the sixth series of Suits.


Demons of Ruby Mae currently have some interesting offers available to help promote and release their debut album via Pledge Music . They have also organised an autumn tour with some dates in the North. If you want to be stunned into silence by this clever indie electronic duo then you can catch them at Cafe Totum in Sheffield on 5 October, Manchester’s Night and Day on October 6th and Newcastle’s Head of Steam on November 3rd.

Chris R



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