P D Liddle – a welcome return for the former Dry The River vocalist.

While I’ve followed and enjoyed hundreds of bands and artists over the years there have only been a few where I’ve felt I would happily follow them to the ends of the nation and back for a chance to see them live. Dry the River was one such band and we saw them live in a number of cities across the country. When the band folded due to a lack of cash in 2015, I was doubly gutted when lead singer Peter Liddle also announced he was turning his back on music and the creative path.

Fortunately for me, a spell as a trainee solicitor has clearly drained the soul to the point where Liddle has recently announced something of a low key return with some live performances and an album scheduled to be released towards the end of the year. In a nod to maturity perhaps (Liddle is 31) he is now professionally known as P D Liddle; I can’t help but think his name is a hybrid of a star rapper and a cut price supermarket, but I guess you can’t choose your birth name.

The first song of the solo career is the folkish You Shouldn’t Have Called.  Liddle’s voice is truly unique and magical and has a timeless feel to it. I get a vibe that Liddle’s forebears perhaps sang around the fire in a forest clearing while locals stared eyes wide. You shouldn’t Have Called is a simple but lush song complete with gentle guitar and strings aplenty. Liddle’s fine but rich and expressive falsetto is on fine form. Liddle says that he has worked with many of the Dry The River family on this set of recordings; while there is much less of the rocky sound on this track, it certainly has something of the DTR vibe.

Liddle is having a summer playing the festivals; having recently attended Live at Leeds and Hit The North he is due to play at 5,000 Trees in Cheltenham in July.

Chris R

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