Dead Natives // Keep This In Mind

Every time Dead Natives feature on Halfway 2 Nowhere, we seem to have something different to write about them. This might initially seem like they’re a band still trying to find their feet and haven’t established a true “sound”, which may be true, but I feel it’s because this band are ever evolving, and pushing their personal boundaries as new single KEEP THIS IN MIND is by far their best work so far.

Previously, we’ve described the band as a little one dimensional and basic but on their latest release they seem to have grown a new attitude and in turn produced a much bigger sound. I find it hard to believe the guys haven’t been listening and learning from Darlia as Keep This In Mind would sit perfectly on any of their previous releases. Liam Dutch (Vocals) explained to us “It’s one of them tunes for me like, when I was writing it I didn’t have a specific subject or whatever it just came out and that’s fine – I think there’s an underlying message – take from that what you will. It’ll mean different things to different people and that’s what it’s about.” I like this more laissez-faire approach to song writing and it’s sure worked this time round for the band.

The track combines 90s grunge sounds with indie riffs and the big Kasabian-esque hooks in the choruses making for a powerful, solid release. At times the vocals are a little whiny but with the resurrection of Liam Gallagher in 2017, this is only to be expected and to be honest, works with the overall sound of the track. At just 3:10 minutes I find myself not wanting the song to end such is the quality of Keep This In Mind. Expect a big year from these lads, Colin Mars (Drums) said that “the plan is just to keep moving forward, keep building on what we’ve started, keep writing and putting tunes out there and of course playing gigs – we’ve got our first show out of the UK in February we’re playing at Le’ Truskel in Paris so that should be mad.” They were one of our one’s to watch in 2017, their a huge hot tip for 2018 – remember the name Dead Natives.

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