Courtyards – Everything

Courtyards are a band we genuinely believe have the world at their feet. They have the vocal ability, drive and ambition to be whatever band they choose to be and their latest offering “Everything” is a great example of them shifting their music to the next level.

The Huddersfield 4-piece are fronted by Matt whose vocal drives the track right from the off. With indie riffs a plenty running through the first verse, Courtyards finally seem to have found their niche, their sound in the market. On the slightly heavier side of indie, the band explode into 2017’s catchiest chorus so far but with class and style rather than cheesy, “14+” indie.

If you haven’t seen it, give the video a watch. Whilst the new track shows the professional side of the band, the accompanying video for me reflects what the band are really about. They can have fun, be laid back, whilst creating special music, something many bands find hard to balance.

As the Carnaby’s inspired middle eight kicks in, the band take the track to new heights. The band drop “Everything” into a final close which is reminiscent of early Killers, “Hot Fuss” Killers, yeah it’s that good. It’s a very well rounded track that brings the best out of what is current in the music scene but with a strong vocal leading the way which is Courtyards’ edge.

If you haven’t seen the band live, we have the pleasure of hosting Courtyards on the 30th September at the Huddersfield Parish, come check out this new track and all their other huge songs, you won’t regret it.

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