Live: VANT – Wardrobe, Leeds

With debut record Dumb Blood only released one week prior it was always going to be an energy filled performance riding high from the release and the first show of the tour in Nottingham. The band sure delivered with their 20 strong set going down a storm in the city which VANT had destroyed just 6 months earlier at Leeds Festival.

Opening up proceedings were Dead!, a band making significant waves across the music industry right now. After seeing them the week before play to a sold out O2 Ritz in Manchester it was even better witnessing them in venues they’re probably more used to playing. Seeming much more comfortable at this early stage of their career in The Wardrobe, set highlights You’re So Cheap and Something More Original sparked the youthful crowd who hung to every lyric, to every pop-punk guitar hook and set up the party atmosphere perfectly. I have absolutely no doubt that whilst comfortable on the small stages for now – the band will surpass the stage graced just the week before and be playing much bigger venues very soon.

Then – the main event. The North East’s finest artist right now, VANT, took to the stage in front of a capacity crowd at Leeds’ most beautiful venue. Announcing themselves as “VANT from planet earth” they kick started the set with 2016 single Fly-By Alien  before blasting into Jesus was a Conman one of the best tracks from EP Karma Seeker. The guys were energised, on form and with the crowd fully on side, by the time Headed for the Sun finished you knew the night was going to be a special one.

First single Parasite always provides a set highlight and tonight was no different – crowd going wild, Matty Vant delivering a perfect performance and bouncers suitably worked. The band rifled through a number of tracks from the new record, stopping security from preventing the party atmosphere when needed, proclaiming “Fuck Donald J Trump” when required and orchestrating crowd sing along’s at every opportunity.

Hit after hit followed with The Answer, Put Down Your Gun and Lampoon being possibly the best trio of tracks I’ve seen at a live show this year. The whole band were on point and Lampoon exploded, opening up the whole crowd and fans and band in unison, went crazy. “Everything is wrong with this generation” was yelled back before the set dropped into the sets best track Peace and Love. VANT, this band, are the real deal. As far as live performances and a debut record go, they are up there with the very best – as exciting as The Foo Fighters, as accomplished as Biffy Clyro and as current, unique and explosive as well..VANT.

As the set flows into the encore the talent of Mattie, Billy, David and Henry is undeniable. Karma Seeker and Do You Know Me feel like complete tracks, standing out in the set. The band were roared back out on to the stage to finish an evening many fans will never forget. This headline tour, and this headline show has firmly established VANT as one of the best, most thrilling bands on the scene and right now, the band can do no wrong. With the world as it is today, Mattie’s lyrics are only going to become more true, VANT’s live shows are only going to be more explosive and I have no doubt this band are going to become festival headliners in no time at all.

Feature photo image credit @Melographic

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