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Top 40 of 2016: 25-21

It’s Christmas Day which means we are perilously close to revealing the top ten and best track of 2016. On this, a day in which 2016 has taken another musical great George Michael, it felt right to write a post celebrating fantastic music as it was something George Michael did all his life.

25 – Fatherson – Lost Little Boys

The lads from Scotland released their second album in 2016. Following solo tours and support slots with the Augustines, Fatherson had a busy end to 2016 which concluded with a homecoming set at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Of the tracks released from Open Book, it was Lost Little Boys that stood out both on track and live this year. A fantastic vocal combined with heavy, structured musical riffs made this the 25th best song of 2016. I and many others cannot wait to see what’s coming in 2017 after their biggest headline tour to date in March.

24 – The Sherlocks – Will You Be There

Without a doubt, the best thing to (perhaps) ever come out of Sheffield, The Sherlocks had a huge 2016 releasing two big singles and touring relentlessly building an incredible fan base as they went. They ended the year signing a record deal which will surely mean 2017 is their biggest year to date and who knows maybe even an album (fingers crossed!). Will You Be There though, signaled a new start for the band, they have been growing and growing since the release of Live For The Moment, but this most recent release sounded much more professional, more clean, more accomplished and live, it takes the band to new levels not previously reached. They are without a doubt a band on the rise and it won’t be long before they’re a household name.

23 – You Me At Six – Swear

After a bit of time away from music YMA6 finally returned near the end of the year announcing a mini tour, new singles and an album to be released in early January. Of the new tracks, Swear is the one for me that feels most YMA6 and outshines the likes of Night People and Give. All the songs are bigger than ever though, and Josh believes the new record is their best yet; if Swear is anything to go by with it’s anthemic chorus and dirty bassline, then I would be inclined to agree with him!

22 – Lower Than Atlantis – Had Enough

Continuing the theme of fantastic British bands, LTA released three tracks from their upcoming 2017 record this year. Had Enough is unmistakably Lower Than Atlantis however, and that’s why it’s my pick. Dumb and Work For It are awesome tracks but Had Enough is just that next level above. Starting with riffs any festival headliner would be impressed by the track flows beautifully with Mike Duce’s effortless vocals combining with perfect drum beats before unleashing the huge chorus which will be belted out by fans on tour in March.

21 – Pretty Vicious – Cave Song

From Scotland, to England and finishing in Wales, Pretty Vicious end this run of five with their excellent Cave Song released early in 2016. The shaking guitars, incredible vocals and thumping chorus make this song one of the best tracks of the year. There is honestly no words I could use that would do this track justice because it really is one of a kind; nobody is doing what Pretty Vicious are trying to do right now in their music and that’s why they’re leading the way in Welsh rock music. Take a listen right here and see for yourself why this song is up here and only just missing out on the top 20.

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