Placebo have been in the game 26 years and that was telling for numerous reasons tonight. The stage lighting and the overall performance was was honed and perfected but the handbrake was firmly on. The androgynous and ineffable group made the conscious decision to not play the hits much to the dismay of the audience. It’s totally understandable how a band at this juncture would be sick to the teeth of repeatedly playing the same hits night after night however the set list left a rowdy audience ready to let loose deeply unsatisfied. Brian Moloko’s stubbornness and point blank refusal to play the songs the crowd yearned for made for an awkward atmosphere. When Placebo did play a notable hit it was met with bedlam however these moments were fleeting. Those who ventured out to catch their first glimpse of the legendary Placebo would’ve left disappointed. Where was ‘Pure Morning’?, where was ‘This Picture’? where was ‘Every Me, Every You’?. The Motorpoint crowd are capable of delivering so much more than what was given tonight, the buck has to stop with Placebo who were more interested in making a statement than putting on the best show possible. They have the hits but chose not to play them. A disappointing night from a phenomenally talented band capable of so much more. Over indulgence the order of the day.

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