Caribou’s Dan Snaith returns with his Daphni moniker to bring some experimental house into our lives with a selection of stimulating tracks packaged ready for the dancefloors.

‘Arrow’ gets us under way. It is simply hypnotic with its marching snare drum and soft light rhythmic synth hook, an irresistible track that will force you to close your eyes and sway in the club.

‘Cherry’, the title track is a menagerie of sound. It begins with glitching chimes which creates a inharmonious backing to the track. The drum manchine and droning synth kick the track into life in its latter half.

‘Falling’ is a euro house centric piece that’s the most reminiscent of tracks found on the previous Daphni release ‘Sizzling’ back in 2019.

The pace doesn’t subside with ‘Mania’, it’s repeated stuttered vocal of “us” over frog sounding synth and flat keyboard melody keeps the nights proceedings in full swing.

‘Cloudy’; a more toned down piece, has a sweet oscillating piano melody and textured drums which create a weightless and atmospheric experience. A real highlight of the record and a delightful listen.

‘Clavicle’ doesn’t follow suit with its punching beat and club synth giving the listener a more up tempo groove. Its dreamy shimmering melodies still maintain a light and danceable tone.

Dan Snaith’s ability to construct delightful and off centre house tracks that intrigue and fascinate in equal measure is second to none. We are at the behest of Snaith’s hypnotic blend of house, ambience and disco. Being overly critical, the tracklisting is slightly too bulky and needs some of it’s fat trimming in order for this record to truly flourish, nevertheless are you surprised that Snaith has yet again delivered work a cut above the rest?


Key Track: ‘Cloudy’

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