A riff raff ensemble; part antiques roadshow part first night out made for an eclectic crowd all here to admire the genius that is Katy J Pearson.

Speedboat started the night to an already full and boisterous crowd. The duo took complete advantage of this, harnessing that energy and putting on a show that didn’t feel like a support act going through the motions. Speedboat are difficult to define but ultimately enjoyable. The brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths feel like a throwback that don’t take themselves too seriously. Headless guitars and 80s cheese, but not quite cheddar. Interchangble roles brought a refreshing and unique take. Oozing grooves and pop sensibilities, Speedboat delivered a compact and entertaining set which will have no doubt brought new fans aboard. Their set was sadly hampered by time constraints but with the resources at hand Speedboat and their 80s wonkiness set the stage beautifully for Katy J Pearson to knock out the park.

Katy J Pearson duly followed to rapturous applause. This woman is an absolute master of her craft. With a bulk of soulful folk pop songs under her belt, Pearson unleashed a barrage of beautiful moments that captivated the audience. The crowd were at the beck and call of the shy and reserved Gloucestershire star. When she wanted movement she played rock infused tracks such as ‘Alligator’ and when she wanted emotion she would serenade the crowd with angelic renditions of tracks such as ‘Miracle’. A quite remarkable voice that is as polished as the album recording but more impactful and emotive than the crowd were quite ready for. A beautifully intimate gig with a mismatched crowd which created a sense of community. Shows like this are the reason why smaller venues exist and are such a vital cog in British culture. A truly unrivalled night.

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