Review: ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’ – The Amazons

Reading rock outfit The Amazons return this year with their 3rd record ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’. The four piece burst onto the scene with their emphatic and boisterous guitar rock which helped quickly amass a loyal fanbase; leading them to becoming a festival staple worldwide.

The Amazons haven’t strayed away from that anthemic formula which has garnered them great success thus far. This new record will titillate those existing fans drawn to the band for their frenzied rock disposition . Singles such as ‘Ready For Something’ and ‘Bloodrush’ unequivocally prove that the group aren’t relenting from their quest to provide the best riffs around. The guitar solo on ‘Ready For Something’ is the purest proof of this; the heaviest sound on the record. The song threatens to turn chaotic; the venomous riff is quelled and controlled by the combined mastery of  singer Matt Thomson and guitarist Chris Alderton.

 ‘Bloodrush’ placed early on the record is emblematic of The Amazons no holds barred attitude with its piercing guitars and chorus that longs to be screamed out. The perfect soundtrack to early evening festival slot just as the sun tucks itself away.

The quartet do not rest on their laurels with this release as they tentatively forge into new sonic territory. ‘Say It Again’  has a grandiose and self assured swagger. Its mid tempo and vocal melody evoke feelings of 90s road trip nostalgia.

‘One by One’ is the highlight of the record. Its beautiful production  evidences the band throwing caution to the wind showing their willingness to express vulnerability. ‘One by One’ has a slow crooning start, Matt Thomson’s vocals pushed to the forefront backed by minimal instrumentation. This is a solemn reserved song executed in the moody manner akin to Kasabian’s West Ryder album; a compliment of the highest order. Refusing to feel sorry for itself for too long this peace and tranquillity soon morphs into an unrelenting punching rock classic backed by a wall of noise emanating from Joe Emmett’s ferocious drums. The explosive conclusion definitely draws upon influences gained from previously supporting Royal blood on tour. The rock guile shown in the ending of ‘One By One’ is something Royal Blood would clamour to have lodged in their setlist.

The record is begins its descent with the slow drawl of ‘For The Night’.  Thomson’s pained voice pleading to be shown “ A reason to fight”. An introspective track displaying fragility. This track embodies the larger themes found within the record. A tumultuous party tinged with sadness hope and joy in varying quantities.

‘In The Morning’ is the stark contrast to its predecessor. Bursting through the other side, dispersing the doldrums in favour of optimism that things will be fine in this new world we’ve emerged from. “I’ll be there right by your side”.

The record finishes with ‘I’m Not Ready’, a slow burn song of defiance in the wake of hardship. Cries of “life is cruel but not right now” highlight melancholia but show the power of love to carry you through the darkest and hardest of times.

It’s an emotional ride from start to finish with this record. ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’ sees the band attempt to make new ground however the strongest showings still reside in the cacophonous guitar laced anthems. The Amazons continue to concoct crowd pleasers  with their unique rambunctious style.

Conan Cavanagh

The Amazons are a band unleashed and How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? is a fresh marker in the sand. A new chapter. The start of something very special.


5-Sep-22 Dundee Assai

5-Sep-22 Edinburgh Assai  

6-Sep-22 Leeds Jumbo  

7-Sep-22 Kingston Pryzm

9-Sep-22 Brighton Resident  

10-Sep-22 Bournemouth Vinilo  

10-Sep-22 Southampton Vinilo  

11-Sep-22 Manchester HMV  

11-Sep-22 Liverpool Jacaranda  

12-Sep-22 Birmingham The Vault  

13-Sep-22 London Rough Trade East  

14-Sep-22 Bristol Rough Trade Bristol  

15-Sep-22 Nottingham Rough Trade Nottingham

6-Oct-22 Belfast Limelight 2  

8-Oct-22 Manchester Academy

9-Oct-22 Nottingham Rock City  

11-Oct-22 Southampton Guildhall  

12-Oct-22 Bristol Academy

13-Oct-22 Leeds Academy  

15-Oct-22 Birmingham Institute

16-Oct-22 Glasgow SWG3 Galvanisers  

17-Oct-22 Newcastle  Boilershop  

19-Oct-22 Norwich UEA  

20-Oct-22 London Roundhouse

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