Ultimate A-Z of Truck Festival 2022

Truck Festival returned for its 25th Anniversary in July and what a weekend it was! The weather was perfect, the line-up even more so and it could not have been a better way to come back and smash their big birthday year. There’s simply too much to write about from this year’s event so we’ve consolidated our experience into 23 key things (couldn’t think of anything beginning with O, U or W) – this is the Halfway 2 Nowhere A-Z Review of Truck Festival 2022.

Credit: Gaelle Beri

Abbie Ozard – What a talent Abbie Ozard is. Right now Abbie is without doubt one of the hottest prospects on the festival circuit and seems to get better every time we see her and her Truck Festival main stage debut was no different. Every song has a uniqueness that showcases her brilliance and we’re slowly running out of superlatives for Abbie’s performances. Get to a show as soon as you can.

Barry from EastEnders – In both the biggest shock and funnies moment of the weekend, Sam Fender brought out Shaun Williamson (AKA Barry from EastEnders) onto the main stage to sing Getting Started. He looked to be having the absolute time of his life (Sam that is) who described it as one of the best moments of his career so far.

The Clause – Normally choosing a festival weekend highlight is difficult, well not from this year’s Truck Festival. Without any doubt the best band of the entire weekend was The Clause who performed a raucous 30 minute set on the This Feeling stage. I was in my element for the whole set which included fan favourites Electric and Sixteen as well as brand new track Forever Young. Best set, best band, outstanding stuff.

Drunk – Kinda explains itself, a lot of alcohol was consumed and a lot of fun was had.

Expectations – Matched, met and exceeded. For our first Truck Festival we weren’t sure what to expect but they absolutely knocked it out of the park. The stages had great sound levels, the site was impeccable, the camp site easy to navigate and fairly clean, all round just a top top experience.

This Feeling – Hats off once again to the best promoters of new music in Europe. Their curated stage this year once again proved the place to be over the weekend with outstanding sets from The Skinner Brothers, Andrew Cushin, The Chase and many more. Long live This Feeling.

Golden Jacket – Sports Team are always in the mood to impress and shock and when Alex Rice walked out onto stage in a vibrant golden outfit you knew a lot of fun was about to be had. Rattling through a set of classics and new songs from the latest release “Gulp” this was a show to remember for those that were there.

Hypersonic Missiles – Saturday night was one to truly remember at Truck Festival as it was closed by Sam Fender, possibly the biggest artist in the UK right now. With rumours of a Glastonbury headline slot in 2023, this show in front of just 25,000 will go down in history – only his second ever festival headline (the first being the night before in Sheffield) he closed the day perfectly. Whilst many of the young fans need to be taught a lesson in how to be safe in the moshpit (so much so he didn’t dare play Howdon Aldi Death Queue for fear of serious injury) Sam clearly has a fan base ranging from 16 year olds right up to 60 and the scary thing is, he’s only just “Getting Started”.

Credit: Caitlin Mogridge

I’m on Fire – Literally at times throughout the weekend as temperatures exceeded 30 degrees, but definitely as the curtain came down on the weekend as Kasabian took the stage.

Junk of the Heart – The Kooks seemed a little off on Saturday night; maybe it was because in their mind they deserved to be closing over the relative newcomer that is Sam Fender; maybe it was because they’ve finally realised how similar all of their songs sound. I’m not sure, but it wasn’t the Kooks on fine form. That being said, when Happy came on, the crowd was in great voice, ready to wish them well, but the reality is on Saturday night, it was Sam’s night and I think they knew it.

Karma – Of the Sundara kind. WOW what a bloody set by the Reading band. It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen Oscar Pollock and the band live and my god they’ve improved. They blew the roof off the Market Stage, firing through their catalogue of indie-hits which ended in one of the biggest singalongs of the festival with Flame. Loved every second, can’t wait to see them again soon.

Lauran Hibberd – The first act we saw at Truck 2022 was Lauran Hibberd, who strutted onto the main stage with such confidence we were instantly blown away. I love Lauran, I think she’s a genuine talent that needs nurturing, protecting, and promoting in the right way. Her songs are so infectious and she is too and she looked right at home on the main stage this year.

Musical Bingo – Our first Truck Festival wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the cattle shed known as The Rocking Chair. Friday saw us play musical bingo which made me feel so old I wanted to run out. With categoric classics including Cher’s Believe, Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling and more being played and crossed off, when some young children are asking us “what’s this one?” and not knowing these outright bangers, you feel incredibly old – but hey ho, we move on and it was great fun.

Noisy – He was very. Not sure I was too into it but Noisy was true to his name.

Prices – Outrageous. £5.90 for a can of beer. Sort it out lads.

Credit: Gaelle Beri

Queues – Surprisingly okay. Didn’t really queue once for anything.

Rock and Roll – Absolutely optimised by The Skinner Brothers who headlined the This Feeling Stage. High energy, mega riffs, choruses you’d happily sing along to with your mum and more meant this was one of the festival highlights for many in that tent.

Sick – The opening song on the revamped Sea Girls set starts with loud widespread singing back, I think a little bit to frontman Henry Camamile’s surprise. This was one of the sets of the weekend, and it was clear the Truck crowd was one that adored Sea Girls. This weekend just gone we wee at Y Not Festival, and the crowd interaction was almost non-existent there compared to what Sea Girls commanded at Truck. The old classics blend perfectly with the new releases and this band are on such a trajectory now we don’t expect them to stop any time soon.

Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison – H2N favourites played the This Feeling stage on Saturday and we loved every second of the energetic half an hour. A little different to last time we saw them acoustically and socially distanced in Scarborough, this was the full Tom Lumley experience, with band members in the crowd, Tom himself crowd surfing and pure adrenaline coursing through their veins as they rattled through their set of indie-rock bangers. Releasing the record has lifted these lads to new heights and we can’t wait to see them kick on in 2023.

VENUS GRRRLS – Massive shout-out to GK and the VENUS GRRRLS crew. Due to play a number of festivals this year, including Truck, following the release of Violet State of Mind which has gained Radio 1 coverage, they’ve unfortunately had to cancel all foreseeable shows. GK announced this week a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and our heart fully goes out the GK and the rest of the band right now. We know you’re fighting and we’ll see you on a stage very soon!

X-Ray – There aren’t many more words beginning with X right…

Yard Act – The Leeds band were on fire on Friday and it was the first time we’d seen them live. Confidence oozes out of the band who know they’re onto something special following the release of The Overload at the start of 2022. An album that reached Number 2 in the Official UK Chart, this has rocketed the band to filling out tents rather than playing to handfuls of people and my god have they upped their game to prove themselves. Outstanding set.

Credit: Caitlin Mogridge

Zzzz – Time to sleep until next year Truck. You were phenomenal. Tickets on sale now for 2023 and we recommend you snap them up quick – don’t hang around, see you in the fields next year.


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