Sunday Six – 11th April

OK, I know it’s been a while, but we used to frequent put out a Sunday 6, a little article featuring our favourite six new releases from the previous Friday. Well…it’s back! And with the quality of tunes released so far this year, it’ll be both the easiest and hardest article we write each week…what to include, what to leave out…this is the definitive place to find 15-20 minutes of top quality tunes each week. Let’s do this!


Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison are back with their heaviest, most energetic track to date. Amassing over 2,000 streams in the first 48 hours of being live on Spotify, it’s clear fans have taken straight to “Crawling”, much like their last release from 2020 “Better Than This”. Tom says the track is about being stuck in a chemical relationship, with “Crawling” directly addressing the toxicity of modern day relationships. We love it at Halfway 2 Nowhere and think you will too!

FFO: Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes; Royal Blood; Dead!

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Credit: Sam J Lance Photography


Static Satellites released their new track “Smokescreens” with great anticipation with us here at H2NHQ. After being a huge fan of 2020 release “Fortify”, we have kept a close eye on Static Satellites. We’re pleased to say that it delivers, and will feature on their debut EP ‘As The Dark Unfolds’ due to be released on 14th May. Hailing from Glasgow/West Lothian, Static Satellites have a typical indie-rock sound, but the Scottish vocals make this a silky, easy-listening track, made for gardens this summer with beers with friends.

FFO: Fatherson; Glasvegas

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Sticking with Scotland, our third choice this week is the latest release from singer-songwriter PG Ciarletta. Phil says this better than anyone when it comes to “Let Go” – “Let Go is going to get stuck in everyone’s head.” He’s absolutely right; it’s upbeat, catchy, and exactly what I’d expect from a Scottish singer-songwriter. We’re all ready to let go of the last 12 months and singing this one at the top of your lungs helps you get someway towards doing so. We’re looking forward to the first EP from PG Ciarletta and singing this one in fields and venues this summer hopefully!

FFO: Gerry Cinammon; Jake Bugg; The View

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Ian wrote a belting review during the week of this new one from Leeds favourites Apollo Junction, but I felt I had to include it here as I bloody love it too. The band have been right at the top of their game for the past 18 months, with each release building on the last; “Light Up The Sky” continues that upwards trajectory with a stomping bassline, anthemic sound and a huge singalong chorus. They’ve found a formula now that works for them and along with “On The Ropes” & “Borderlines”, Apollo Junction have a moody backbone for them to go and kick on from.

FFO: Skylights; Kaiser Chiefs; DMA’s

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The Lathums’ first release is a mellow one, but a quality one. The track, “Oh My Love” feels like the kind of track the lads will have recorded for the first time and just gone “yeah that’s good”. Rather than feel the need to push a mainstream indie sound, they are true to what they believe in, and this track could only be a Lathums track. They have such a distinct sound so early in their career which, for me, is the reason they’re going to have success. Much like The Snuts, who’ve always set out to do what they want and nothing else, The Lathums will enjoy similar success, sticking to their guns and carving out a really recognisable sound over the coming years.

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Birmingham based North Parade have also waited until April to release their first single of the year, but it’s been worth wait. “Never Had a Monday” is their most accomplished, polished track so far and hints at a slight maturing of the band. It’s the first of two releases the band will be putting out in April, gearing up for what they hope will be a busy rest of 2021. The track itself I can see appealing to many, with pop and indie vibes combined with good musicianship, and great vocals. I’m interested to see if this is the sound they go with moving forward, or if they revert to their slightly more rock sound later in the year; they can do either and I’d be happy both ways!

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Listen to all of these and more with the Halfway 2 Nowhere Playlist. Updated weekly with the freshest indie and rock tracks.


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