Q&A: Get to know…Abnorm

Jay recently caught up with one of Halfway 2 Nowhere’s artists to watch in 2021 to see how their year is going and what the plans are for the future.

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Abnorm are: Abbie Rose (front woman), Alex McArthur (drums), Jamie Budge (lead guitarist), Matthew Middleton (rhythm guitar)and Krzysztof Furgała (bass).

Where did you get the band name ‘Abnorm’ from? How did you come up with it and decide on that?

The name ‘Abnorm’ came to us when Abbie was working in a pub in Newcastle, and her boss referred to another worker called Abbie as “Normal Abbie”. She assumed that this therefore made her ‘Abnormal Abbie’. We circled through a few names, such as: Abbnormal, Abbie and the Norms. But we settled on Abnorm, and it just stuck.

How, and when, did Abnorm come about?

The band started as Abbie and Jamie insisting to each other that they should start a band at every social gathering, but never actually doing it. It wasn’t until New Year of 2019 over a few beverages when we decided to start recruiting band members. It was a long time coming but we finally got here.

Being based in Newcastle, what are your favourite Tyneside venues in which to attend gigs? And what venues would you like to play as a band and why?

Our favourite venues include: The Cluny, The Cumberland Arms, Trillians and Little Buildings, for being the best independent venues in Newcastle. Read about some of those venues in Jay’s last article.

What are your plans for the future?

Our first goal is to get you boogying live to Everything Temporary. Our future plans include investing in a few bottles of buckfast, having fun and doing what we do best – playing together as Abnorm.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be and why?

This question took us sooo long to answer because we all have completely different music tastes. We decided on My Chemical Romance because Gerard Way is a legend, we love The Umbrella Academy, and whenever MCR comes on at Rise (Newcastle club night) it’s GUARANTEED that we all dance along!

Who would win in a drinking contest and why?

You’ve divided us on this one! We can tell you who would definitely lose, and that would be Jamie who just cannot handle his Buckfast. He fell over one New Year at 11:30pm and we are NEVER forgetting it!

And who is the best at what they do in the band and why?

We feel obliged to say Alex because he’s one of those multi-talented people that everyone envies. He records, produces, mixes, plays drums, guitar, shreds a bass, and the boy can even play saxophone. We love him.

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