Q&A Series 2021 – The Feens

The latest band to take on our 2021 Q&A challenge are Scarborough’s “The Feens” a lively four piece who have been on ours and many other radars for some time.

Freddie Schmuck (Vox/Guitar), Adam Lodge (Vox/Bass), Sam Dowling (Lead Guitar) and Perrie Bunton (Drums).

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and outerwear

2021 will hopefully be better than 2020. What are your hopes and ambitions for the band this year? 

I think just to keep growing our fanbase and our sound as a band – it’s definitely evolving and maturing which is exciting. I think our latest single Sunset has really set the bar for us going forward!

What can fans expect from you this year, assuming things get back
to some kind of normality?

First and foremost is probably to build back up playing plenty of gigs in front of an actual crowd! We’ve got a handful of really big shows booked in which we’ll announce in good time, as well as a couple more singles ready to release too – maybe even a run of vinyl and an EP at the end of the year…

Q3: If you could have written any song in history, which would it be and why?

Probably one of the classic Christmas songs, think of the royalty money.

The year is 2031, what would you like to have said you’d achieved by then?

We’d love to say we’re an established signed band and have released 3 or 4 albums that are timeless. I think every band that is serious about what they do would love to be respected and have longevity along with a loyal fanbase too.

You can collaborate with any international artist, who is it and why?

Kanye – reckon we could create something mad in the studio!

The Ultimate Tour – which venues feature if you have to tour the following criteria

Date 1: The venue of the best show you’ve played so far
Tipi Scarborough

Date 2: Your bucket list venue
Glasgow Barrowlands or Manchester Albert Hall both amazing historic venues

Date 3: The venue of the best show you’ve ever seen live
Stone Roses – Etihad 

Date 4: Any global festival
Glasto/Isle of Wight

Date 5: A hometown show
Scarborough Spa

Q7: In one sentence, why should people check out your music?

We have all of your favourite indie-rock components combined with our own brand of fresh, new wave guitar pop. 

Q8: What’s your favourite song you’ve recorded so far and your
favourite to play live?

Definitely Sunset. Its been the one so far that has kept pretty much every component it had from when it was first conceived on the acoustic. Can’t wait to play it this year.

Q9: Someone’s writing a book/film about your band, what’s the title?

From the Seaside to the stage

Q10: If we were to play your Spotify Wrapped from last year, who would we be listening to?

Blossoms, The Snuts, Inhaler


Salt or pepper – Salt

Fries or crisps – Fries


Tea or Coffee – Neither

Beach holiday or city break – Beach

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