INTERVIEW: The Luka State – Fall In Fall Out.

The Luka State – Fall In Fall Out

Last Sunday was a day of agony and ecstasy for Conrad Ellis, singer/songwriter with the exciting Winsford indie-rock quartet – The Luka State. He was suffering with an abscess on this tooth, while watching his beloved Manchester United knock arch rivals Liverpool out of the FA Cup. In-between the pleasure and the pain, he managed to give me a bit of time to talk about the bands hotly anticipated forthcoming debut album – Fall In Fall Out.

ID – It seems like we’ve been talking about your debut album for ages. How does it feel now that it’s finally here?

CE – It’s an amazing feeling knowing that it’s finally here! It feels like something of a lifetime’s work has lead up to this moment. We’re just excited to get it out to the world; then when it’s out it’s no longer our album anymore – it’s our fans’.

ID – I’ve heard that you had a tremendous amount of ‘possible’ tracks for the album. Any trouble coming up with the final track selections? Any disagreements between the band?

CE – There was the odd disagreement and odd argument as you get with these kinda things, but we were very prepared for this debut. As I said it feels like a lifetimes work. There were 75 songs and ideas to whittle down to the 12 for the record so what you hear is the final 12 selected from a mammoth 75.

ID – Where did you record the album?

We recorded in London in Miloco Studios, The Pool: a fantastic studio with a beautiful live room! Many, many great bands and artists have gone through there before us so it felt nice to add to the roster!

ID – You’re a very hands-on band. Who did you get in to produce the album with you and how did that work?

We’re a young hungry band so we felt like a young hungry producer would fit our sound. We went with Jamie Evans an unreal ball of energy and a fantastic person to have in our sessions. We were pushed to be the best possible musicians and writers we can be. We’re all very proud of the outcome of the album for this reason.

ID – As a band you are renowned for the energy of your live performances. How have you managed to transmit that energy on to vinyl?

The album was recorded live of the floor in The Pool’s live room. What you hear is what you get with this band. We had been demoing and recording prior to making the album and we just couldn’t capture the essence or the sound of this band – we couldn’t put our finger on what it was. People were telling us “yeah it’s great but it just doesn’t sound like you” and that’s when we realised we’re a band that doesn’t suit tracking in the studio. Jamie Evans made us realise this so then we recorded the album live. Obviously there’s the vocals and overdubs but the core of that record is us playing live.

ID – It’s obviously disappointing that you can’t tour the album, and who knows what’s around the corner, but have you got anything planned for ’21?

At the moment it’s looking like September is the month where things are penciled in…But who knows. We all just have to keep faith and hope and hopefully some time very soon we will all be back at gigs again!

Fall In Fall Out is a breath of fresh air, an great debut album and well worth your time. It’s available from your usual platform from Friday 29th January, or you can buy a physical copy from The Luka State Store . Go on. You know it makes sense.

Ian Dunphy.

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