SINGLE REVIEW: Shake – Hot Laundry.

Hot Laundry

The only upside to an extended festive period in Tier 3 is that it gave me the opportunity to catch-up on some of the recent releases that have been sent to me in the forlorn hope of me reviewing them. I don’t encourage this behaviour for three reasons: I am essentially a very leisurely writer; at heart I’m a ‘people-pleaser’, and I hate to disappoint. A poor combination.

So it was with some delight that after wading through my musical in-box (well paddled, I told you I don’t condone this action), I came across Hot Laundry and their hi-octane, kick-ass, rock and roll, stomper – Shake.

I usually trawl my reviewing net in the murky waters of The Mersey, occasional dipping into the upper reaches of the Manchester Ship Canal. Today I’m heading out into the foggy depths of San Francisco Bay, where lead singer Janette Lopez, and vocalists Ileath Bridges and Gena Serey, and guitarist/keyboardist Grady Hord, collectively known as Hot Laundry are based.

Shake is a song that instantly grabs you by the collar and gives you a damn good…well, shake. Listening to it, my head was swimming with references, The Hives, B-52’s, even a touch of Hawkwind are there, and that’s just the first 20 seconds. In Hot Laundry’s rock soundscape there are elements of the rowdier, bad-girl side of Motown (Think The Ronettes), garage rock, (MC5 and The Stooges) interrupted with wailing, wah-wah peddle, whammy bar solos provided by guitarist Hord.

On the surface Shake is a tribute to the dance genres of the ’60’s, the chorus is a litany of the crazes ‘Let’s Shake…Let’s Slide…Let’s Twist…Shake, Shake, Shake’. Delve a little deeper and the song appears to be tackling a more salacious topic as Lopez implores ‘Come on, put that sugar in my bowl, I want, I want Rock and Roll’, and ‘Everybody wants to be a bad-ass bitch, you know what I want, I want to scratch my itch’. Not so hidden depths.

Shake is an energetic, thumping, retro-romp with added balls, out now on Die Laughing Records and available on your usual platforms. So go on, dip your toes in, do the Swim, and give Hot Laundry a listen.

Ian Dunphy.

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