REVIEW: Tonight – Clear Vinyl

Clear Vinyl formed in 2019 and have since battled the biggest rollercoaster ride of all; last time H2N covered the Sheffield artist was, we loved “Into The Night” their March 2020 release and they’re ending this year in style with the release of “Tonight”.

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Credit: Roe-Parkin Creative

One word immediately springs to mind when I see Clear Vinyl pop-up on Spotify or my Instagram feed – energy. Each of their releases to date has had a great indie-pop vibe that makes you want to tap your feet and get up and dance, but being honest, when reviewing Into The Night back in March, I said they were getting dangerously close to playing things safe with their releases; it was important for me then, that on their next release following they added some depth to their sound and they have.

For the first time, following a traumatic 18 months for the band, they’ve released a song that conveys the raw emotion I’m sure they feel every day. That emotion is the depth I’ve been longing for from Clear Vinyl. Does it have the catchy edge they’re known for? Absolutely, but the soaring chorus, more toned down riffs and extremely relatable lyrics make “Tonight”, the band’s most mature track to date.

The song, and the sound, takes me right back to the first time I discovered Deaf Havana, and since I made that connection, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The ability to take a sound that has been crafted over four or five releases, and drop it straight into an emotional, slower track, shouldn’t be sniffed at. I love it.

I sincerely hope that 2021 becomes a big year for Clear Vinyl; they deserve a break and are making commercially savvy music, but with their background, have the emotion, and passion to make it.


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