FEATURE: Hunybees

HUNYBEES: Daniel Murphy Photography

You’d be forgiven for never of hearing the band ‘HUNYBEES’. But if it’s something you don’t know, then get to know. This quartet from the small town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire are due success, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they produced a big hit sooner or later. The band currently only have released 3 songs, but the exquisite range and sheer quality of lyrics leaves you to think how these songs could possibly only have a few thousand streams between them. Along with their high production, well filmed music videos, I’m predicting a bright future for this extraordinarily talented band. I spoke to the lead singer Charlie Preston about all things HUNYBEES.

The band was formed back in 2018, when supremely gifted frontman Preston was asked to write a musical, he went on to say ‘me and Louis (drummer) were mates but not properly. After a night out with him I asked if he wanted to play drums for this show I’d written’, and as the old saying goes ‘the rest is history’. Leo Stewart (bass) and Zac Cash (guitar) slowly follow suit and the band was formed.

The lads currently have 3 singles available to listen to. All have a likeable and warm yet very different feel to each other. For example, ‘Lazy Love Song’ can be seen as a sad/reflective song, ‘Same Old Dreams’ seems to follow a close example of The Smiths, and their new release ‘Ecstasy’ is more upbeat, potentially closer to a Magic Gang sort of rhythm.

Meaningful lyrics form an important part of the bands part success. Lyrics like ‘I feel like wasting time, so I don’t have to think of another thing, other than you’ portray a harsh but truthful reality of a teenager in love while being blindsided to events happening around them. Another truthful lyric from Same Old Dreams is ‘I’ve been struggling to sleep, stuck on the thought of you and me’. This depicts a typical hopeless teenager possibly overthinking about love, something very personal to most listeners I’m sure.

Charlie compared the bands currently released music similar to the Magic Gang, but the songs that they are currently working come under the area of ‘if the strokes, 1975 and Miley Cyrus circa (pre) 2013 had a child’. When asked about inspiration for his lyrics and for the ideas for the songs, he says ‘They’re all the truth’. They are true to their own description of the band being reflective upon a ‘narrative upon personal and social growth as a teenager’.

Preston’s ability to use personal experience to produce thought provoking, yet relatable lyrics separate him as a tremendous and hugely underrated singer/songwriter, and provides a solid platform for the growth of the band as well as tapping into that new market of potential listeners. On the future, Charlie comments ‘Album is a far away thought still, nothing is cohesive enough yet. We’ve got some more singles to come out and if all goes well, we’ll give an EP a second try’.

I for one am very excited about the future of this band. At such a young age to be writing their own lyrics and to have shown the sheer range of styles they possess in only 3 songs is unparalleled.  

Owen Rodbard

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