Review: Feel It – The Kicklips.

The Kicklips are a Sheffield based trio who formed in 2017. They are Beck Harley (bass/vocals), Mo Ghani (guitar), and Dan Siddall on drums. They have played at The IOW Festival and Truck Festival, worked with producer Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys), and already have a string of raucous rock and roll songs such as Rose Tinted Kinda Way and Make Her Mine in their back catalogue.

One word that pops-up consistently when you read about The Kicklips and their sound is ‘garage’. In my experience this can indicate one of two things. It can mean – ‘We’re loud, and a bit under-rehearsed’ or ‘We play unsophisticated, energetic rock and roll songs using basic chord structures that remain true to the spirit of bands like The Stooges and MC5.’ There is a big difference.

Thankfully, in the case of The Kicklips and Feel It, we are dealing with the latter. The genuine article. Listening to Feel It, it sounds so ‘garage’ you can picture the oil stains on the concrete floor and see the old paint tins stacked on the shelves. I asked the band about the process that brought the song to fruition ‘We were experimenting with the fast paced, heavier end of rock n roll. We took inspiration from the late 60’s, and 70’s bands such as The Clash and Buzzcocks’.

Feel It is a raw, aggressive banger of a tune. It starts with a fast, scuzzy electric guitar noise from Mo Ghani that is more beat than riff. Next comes the real rhythm section. Dan Siddall provides deliberate, muffled, lo-fi, pounding drums that give real authenticity to the garage feel of the song. It’s reminiscent of Rat Scabies. Beck Harley’s vocals come in and he delivers them in a pacey, drawling mid-Atlantic style. He sounds like a hybrid of Roky Erickson and Pete Shelley.

Feel It is a real solid gold nugget of a track. If you’re a fan of such varied artists as 13th Floor Elevators, The Damned or The Strokes, you should find The Kicklips right up your street. It’ll be an exciting, loud, and energetic street and it’s one I’d like to visit when we’re allowed to.

Ian Dunphy.

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