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REVIEW: Live In The Fire – Fossway

Alternative-Rock trio Fossway release “Live In The Fire”, an energetic song with elements of Prog-Rock hinting at influence from Muse, Queen, and Calva Louise.

Following a highly successful 2019 which saw Fossway release their debut EP and play festivals such as Lindisfarne, Hook & Gun, and Long Division – sharing billing alongside the likes of Peter Hook & The Light, We Are Scientists and False Advertising, the Alt-Rock trio aim to continue their momentum, despite less live opportunities this year.

Having had their previous single “Grey Cloud” (released in April 2020) received a wave of positive feedback, Fossway are optimistic for the reception of their new single “Live In The Fire”. The Alternative-Rock sound is evident and simultaneously incorporates nods to Progressive-Rock, creating a style unique to Fossway that treads a line between old-school Rock vibes and modern Alt-Rock sounds.

I’ve been impressed with them for some time since being introduced to the band, and Live In The Fire is one of their most esteemed track yet. The track is quintessentially “alt-rock” both in genre and by substance and for a raucous 4 and a half minutes, you are lost in the music.

Combining the best of Muse, Radiohead and Royal Blood, the Newcastle band traverse the many signature artists from the genre, creating a track well worth of major playlists and live stages. Heavy riffs, a soaring chorus and a finale I cannot wait to see live, make Live In The Fire a top track.

Discussing the inspiration behind the song, John Lennox (bassist & lyricist) explains: “lyrically, I wanted to encapsulate our journey as a band through hyperbole. The burning desire to play shows in front of live audiences and travelling to different cities to reach new people. Getting through the challenges together as a band and coming sticking together as both friends and a working team”.

Despite being Fossway’s sixth release, this feels like a fresh start for the band. They had such momentum going into 2020 but with the circumstances surrounding the music industry, they’ve been halted in their track. Live In The Fire is a big statement from the band and I look forward to what’s to come from them next year.

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