Single Review: Rule The Real – The Kendos.

People often talk about the conveyor-belt of bands that come out of Merseyside. I think that analogy is incorrect. It suggests that bands appear manufactured and perfectly formed. I prefer the football club model. Underneath your first team stars there are a number of talented youngsters, working hard, waiting for their opportunity to progress. Among those endeavouring to make the leap up the ladder are bands such as The Kairos, The Sway, Monks, and now The Kendos.

Formed in 2018 The Kendos are Louis Grover (Lead Vocals and guitar), Isaac Grover (lead guitar), Nathan Farley (bass) and Tom Welsh (drums). They are terribly talented and frighteningly young. I first saw them about 12 months ago, playing a support slot at Jimmy’s in Liverpool, where they played a song called Peace Frog. The song had a middle section that borrowed heavily from Waterfall by The Stone Roses. My attention was caught.

Rule The Real is The Kendos debut release. It’s a song about ‘people who are wrapped up in their own self importance and won’t take advice to change their stubborn ways’. It’s about someone who lives to the sound of their own echo chamber. There’s a lot of them about. 

In an interview with That Blogger Music, Louis Grover said that he came up with the original riff, took it the band who thought it would work well with the structure of a previous song, bolted it on, and then Isaac added what he calls a ‘psychedelic mess’ of a guitar solo. From those descriptions you might think that the song may sound a bit disjointed, cobbled together, thankfully that’s not the case.

Rule The Real is actually an exhilarating, intriguing debut release. Its basic sound is embedded in indie guitar rock, on the heavy side, with a touch of psychedelia. The song contains layers of guitars, drops, changes of pace, and a vibrant guitar solo full of effects, played with great skill by Isaac Grover. If I had to pick a musical reference point for you, if were looking at current bands, I’d liken The Kendos’ sound to Manchester’s Dirty Laces. If you prefer your references with a bit of history to them then  The Seahorses spring to mind. It’s a very exciting start to what I’m sure will be an extensive catalogue of releases by The Kendos.

The song was produced by the band themselves in their own studio. An interesting fact about the art work for the release is that it was produced by Sean Murphy-O’Neill from the band Courting, another of the ‘ones to watch’ from Merseyside.

Rule The Real is out now and available on all the usual platforms. Give it a listen.

Ian Dunphy.

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