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Review: Accidental Weller – Eyesore & the Jinx.

As someone who used to get his hair cut by trainee barbers at the local technical college, I can fully appreciate the inherent warning offered by Merseyside, post-punk trio Eyesore & the Jinx in their latest release – Accidental Weller.

Following in the footsteps of their debut EP – The Exile Parlour, comes the cautionary tale about emerging from lockdown and feeling the need to transform oneself, like a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, but only ending up with a shit haircut. I’ve had it on repeat and I can’t stop smiling.

Josh Miller’s simple, amusing, lyrics brilliantly encapsulate the experience of a disappointing haircut. We’ve all been there. It’s a universal subject and Miller sums up the experience succinctly and with precision (unlike the barber). The opening lines ‘What do you mean it looks alright? I only came in for a short back and sides’ are delivered in the tone of a man already prepared for disappointment. His levels of frustration and only increased when the barber tries to placate him, ‘Stop telling me it’s fine. You’re lying. I know you’re lying’. He reaches breaking point when it comes time to pay and he screeches incredulously ‘HOW MUCH?’.

The sound of Accidental Weller is as succinct as its lyrics. Eoghan Robinson’s drums have a sing-song, nursery rhyme rhythm to them, as does Miller’s bass. Liam Bates’ lead guitar consist of a two note riff, and the briefest of solos. Being a trio works ideally for Eyesore & the Jinx – less is more.

Eyesore & the Jinx are part of the wonderfully diverse collective of artists at Eggy Records. Accidental Weller was produced with the help of Daniel Fox from Girl Band. It sounds like the missing link between The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit, and is well worth 2 minutes and 36 seconds of your life.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an honest haircut at a decent price on the Wirral, I can recommend Chris and Viv’s Barbers in Bebington.

Ian Dunphy.

2 replies on “Review: Accidental Weller – Eyesore & the Jinx.”

I know bloggers HATE to get suggestions (I know this cuz I hate them!), but if I could make a friendly one, could you please include the track or at least a link to it so I can listen to the great songs you’re writing about? This is a wonderful review that made me want to hear “Accidental Weller” so bad, and I had to go looking for it. Don’t hate me.


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