REVIEW: Lady Bay – Primyl Vinyl

Being primarily a blog and radio show dedicated to discovering and highlighting the best in indie-rock music, it’s rare we have a straight up rock song to cover. When something special comes along though, it really taps into my musical heritage, what I was brought up on, Green Day, Shinedown, anything with guitars, drums and a killer vocal really.

Recently, I came across a track that took me right back to the first time I heard Soundgarden (big claim yeah) – the song, Baby Steps, the artist Primyl Vinyl. At the time, I thought the band had it all and were ready to hit the big time, but I must have been a little drunk (as if that ever happens) when I heard it back in April as I completely forgot to go and follow the guys’ and check out their back catalogue. They’re back with a new single and I’m so excited that it has lived up to my intoxicated expectations!

Lady Bay is a sound that delivers exactly what Primyl Vinyl are setting out to do. Balancing that void that exists between classic rock and 2010s Don Broco and Muse. At a punchy three and a half minutes, Lady Bay is packed with soaring vocals, ear-splitting hooks and a chorus that is right up there with the best in rock music.

Whilst not as instantly memorable for me as Baby Steps, having had it on repeat since it was released, I’ve really come round to the more commercial sound Primyl Vinyl have brought to their arsenal with Lady Bay. If you’re into the genre, this may not seem too ground-breaking, but they’ve got a pop-rock sound that could actually see Primyl Vinyl become one of the bands that make it from within this style. Compared to indie-rock, where This Feeling promote almost anything that deserves airtime, rock music is harder to get that national tour break – Primyl Vinyl could be that band.

Great track and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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