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REVIEW: Only Human – The Receivers


Currently storming Yorkshire’s rich guitar scene, fuzzed-up York quartet The Receivers are last week released their latest single, ‘Only Human’. With top review already coming in from numerous blogs, I was excited to hear it for the first time being a true York local.

For the last couple of years, Nick Aldous (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Higginson (Lead Guitar), Harry Stables (Bass) and Louis Bristowe (Drums) have been selling out shows locally with ease and are ready to start branching out further appeal with their most esteemed release to date. Only Human is a huge leap in the right direction for The Receivers, adding to their infectious indie vibes of 2019 by complementing Aldous’ lyrics with seriously professional music.

The track feels like it’s taken straight out of the 90s, a key decade of inspiration for this young band. With a fuzzy, raw sound throughout, the band are tighter than they have been previously, presenting themselves as more than just the local kids on the block. Only Human races to the opening chorus, and you can almost hear it being belted back to them live. There’s a real attitude to the track, much like you get from a Receivers live performance and this, for me, is the first time their studio recording has matched their live energy.

It’s actually pretty catchy too. Only Human has Presidents of the USA vibes which is pretty cool; the inspiration isn’t Oasis or Pulp, rather the more underground bands of the time. Hooks to tap your foot to, lyrics to yell in basement clubs on the sweat-circuit and an overarching riff that runs through that makes me seriously excited to get back to live music.

Lead singer Aldous says of the track:

“I’ve always felt a bit like I’m putting on an act when I’m on stage and I’d rather just be myself about it. The lead lyric, “I don’t want to be myself, but I don’t want to be anyone else” is inspired by not wanting to be a character and wanting to be a better version of myself when on stage and in the studio”.

Coming in at under 2 and a half minutes, this one is fast, energetic and just what the doctor ordered right now. The lads’ sound has developed into something exciting, demonstrated by major radio shows picking it. They’re a couple of tracks away from landing a big support slot in 2021, and they absolutely deserve it.

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