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REVIEW: Try and Entertain Me – Sounds Like A Storm

With Leeds United finally where they belong, the sleeping giants have been awakened, and I’ve said time and time again, it’s about time the Leeds music scene was recognized in the big leagues too. The return of Sounds Like a Storm helps matters, with their follow up to hailed EP “Classic Way of Things”, “Try and Entertain Me.”

Since the release of their recent EP, SLAS have been said to be captivating the UK by storm, being described as ‘genre defining’ and ‘one of the best live bands on the circuit’. Their latest release, builds on this EP and continues their formula of releasing honest, powerful sing-a-longs, targeting the millennial generation, with ‘rock and roll swagger most bands can only dream of’. I always look forward to music that comes out of this city and SLAS are one of the first bands I recommend when asked about my tip for Yorkshire’s next big breakthrough artist.

Try and Entertain Me has been in the SLAS arsenal for a while now, being performed live numerous times to great fan reception. Listening to the track being released for the first time though, initially I felt a little disappointed. It felt like a bonus track to Classic Way of Things that didn’t quite make the cut, or a track they’d have been proud of 2-3 years ago rather than now.

For me, the band have progressed so much since I first saw them in a dingy Verve bar supporting JUDAS on a minute’s notice, this demo felt like a step back…at first.

When you get past the first chorus, which has that SLAS formula to a tee, electric, aggressive, honest and with real fire, you get something different from the SLAS boys. Something I’ve not heard from them on track before. It becomes a little darker, stronger even than before, and just as the track crescendos and you expect them to riff for a couple of minutes, it comes to a dramatic end. This is bold recording and a bold track that is made to be played live, but after 5-6 listens is a real grower I have to say.

There are few tracks that “grow” on me like this one has, normally first instincts are right. But yesterday I found myself repeating it four times in a row, it’s that good once you understand it. The timing of the release is perfect too and with a new and improved outfit, the band take on a whole new musical level, that will make them a real live force when back gigging.

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