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Single Review : The Time Is Now – The Rah’s.

To say I’m excited about this release would be an understatement. I first heard this song over a year ago, and it blew me away then. I’d gone along to Zanzibar in Liverpool to a Sister Midnight event to see the headliners, but was so impressed by one of the the supporting bands that I felt I just had to review them instead. They were Edinburgh band The Rah’s, and they finished their blistering set that night with The Time Is Now.

Like most bands with an upward trajectory, The Rah’s have suffered a bit of an hiatus during the current difficulties we’re all going through. The band were booked to play on some This Feeling events; performances have had to be put on hold, and a debut album has been mooted for later in the year. However, the band seem to have used their lock-down time well judging by the quality of this release.

In a recent listening party conversation the band said that this song, written in 2016, always felt like an entrance or exit song in a set. That’s true, it’s a big song. Start large, or finish big – it works brilliantly either way.

The Time is Now demands to be listened to. What impresses me most about this version of the song is the way in which it retains the vibrant, live immediacy. Loudhailer vocals and Neale Gray’s urgent drums and swirling, menacing keyboards are an ideal start to a song that that grabs you by the lapels and demands to be heard, ‘Overcome, Take over, The Time Is Now!’.

Jordan McIntyre’s lead guitar skills are certainly in evidence, joined with layers of keyboards, and guitars, and relentless backing vocals this song hits you with the force of a jet engine.

The Rah’s sound continues to develop. 2017’s Sweet Talker had a great, standard Indie-guitar sound. Land of Dreamers and Survival brought us to the point where, given the right tail-wind The Rah’s could really take off. Their rock-based indie guitar sound, with the addition of keyboards, means they’re going in the right direction to soon be considered as heirs apparent to bands of the stature of Kasabian.

Don’t let the good times come down, The time is now!

Ian Dunphy.

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