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Single Review: All My Life – The Lathums.

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There are some things that you should know instinctively. Wear sunscreen in the summer. Don’t eat yellow snow in the winter. Any track released by The Lathums is going to be a corker.

All My Life is The Lathums first release for Island Records. It was recorded at Parr Street Studios, and produced by James Skelly, whose light touch on the tiller has helped The Lathums create a timeless single.

By timeless, I don’t mean that it is an instant classic (although time will tell), I mean that it is impossible to pigeon hole this song stylistically in a given period. Some artists are able to do this, Richard Hawley springs to mind, songs that would not be out of place in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s right through to the 2020’s. The Lathums have created something similar here.

The song starts with gently strummed acoustic guitar chords. Scott Concepcion’s guitar is, as usual, impeccable. He and Alex Moore have in some places been referred to as developing into The Marr and Morrissey of their generation. Anyone with any sense knows that The Smiths would not have been what they were without Rourke and Joyce. Accordingly Jonny Cunnlife and Ryan Durrans play their part in an unassuming way. The bass doesn’t come in until the second verse, and a lot of the percussion heavy lifting (if such a phrase is applicable in a gentle melodic song like All My Life) is taken on by tambourine and maracas. Less really is more.

All My Life was one of the first songs that Alex Moore wrote. Still only 20, listening to the lyrics of the song, it’s easy to understand why Moore says that he feels like he has ‘a young head on old shoulders’. You can understand this feeling when the key change comes in, and Moore sings the impassioned chorus, ‘Cause I have spent all my life wondering if all this is right, and I believe that I have found my answer’. Don’t bother thinking about what you were doing when you were 16 in comparison to writing lyrics like this, you’ll only come up short. Moore’s vocal talent has never come up short, but he is still developing and there is a real Guy Garvey style passion to his delivery.

All My Life is a beautiful, passionate, understated song. It’s a wonderful addition to The Lathum’s cannon of work. Also, winter is only 6 months away, don’t eat yellow snow.

Ian Dunphy.

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