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Brewery of the Week – BrewBoard

Who are BrewBoard?

BrewBoard are an exciting independent brewery based in Cambridgeshire. “The Board has assembled from far and wide, bringing prodigious talent and experience together to produce something special.”

Creating modern, intuitive, on trend beer, BrewBoard are one of my ones to watch in 2020/21 with their session, American and Indian Pale Ales which would sit happily in any bottle shop and sell out consistently. With a strong core range and some fresh specials, BrewBoard have established themselves locally and are ready to become a national brewery, with great beers, and a brand that stands out everywhere.

Our week of beers

Three beers this week from BrewBoard. First up, Bambino, a 5.1% American Pale Ale; second Rex, 4.6% dry-hopped lager and lastly SMÖKEVURKS, their 4.0% session pale.


Bambino – American Pale Ale 5.1%

Billed as BrewBoard’s flagship American Pale Ale, Bambino is as straight as they come when it comes to being an on brand, on trend APA. It takes the classic combination of Chinook, Citra and Simcoe to produce a fruity, earthy APA that is a real delight to drink.

This is the kind of beer, after a long hard day at work, I’d reach for and drink 4 or 5 of. It isn’t the most exciting beer in the world, and doesn’t offer the haziness of a Deya or a Pomona Island, but what it does do is put a smile on your face. The aroma is citrus and pine with a backdrop of stone fruit. The initial taste has typical APA bitterness and is a great West Coast style pale ale.

It’s quite thin, and rather than stick to the thick, smooth finish of a NEIPA, gives you more flavour, and hop forward thinking, more typical of a BBNo beer or Lost and Grounded. There’s an initial woody, earthy hit in the taste which mellows into stone fruit aftertastes and a lingering apricot finish. It’s a great beer, one I’d drink all day long and is a very good beer to have as part of one’s core range.


Rex – Dry Hopped Lager 4.6%

I’ve slowly been getting back into lagers during lockdown. Taking the time to find breweries who specialise in the style has been exciting and I’ve found some really great lagers that are up their with the pale ales and darker beers in terms of flavour and style.

Rex is BrewBoard’s top lager, dry hopped to give a punchy floral flavour to complement the sweetness from the malt. This beer is conditioned for six weeks and you can tell; it’s light, crisp and has all the hallmarks of a great lager. At 4.6% this is highly sessionable too, and with the weather we’ve been having I could have drank a few of these.

From a taste perspective, it’s well balanced providing good bitterness, a citrus sweetness and a lasting malt flavour. There’s little to hide behind on a lager and this is a very good effort from the BrewBoard team.


Smokevurks- Session Pale Ale 4.0%

I’ll be honest, this was my least favourite of the three beers I’ve had this week from BrewBoard, not because it was a bad beer, but just didn’t stack up on our “Does what it says in the description” rating. The beer claimed to be malt forward with a depth and sweetness often missing in other pales. Unfortunately I didn’t get this though and it was just a decent 6/10 beer.

Maybe this was a bad brew, and whilst I did get a little more malt in the flavour than the previous two beers, it was a pretty standard session beer. Rex and Bambino set a high standard for the BrewBoard guys and for me, this one didn’t quite hit the mark.

Branding. Superb.

Meet BrewBoard

So let’s start with an introduction, who are BrewBoard and how did the venture come about?

The brewery was co-founded three years ago by Stuart Chambers, Production Director, Oliver Pugh, Creative Director and Paul Archer, Finance Director.

You’re a fairly new brewery and seem to have done phenomenally already. What’s the ethos behind your brewing and how do the ideas come to fruition?

A little selfishly perhaps we produce beers that we would like to drink. Thankfully it’s turning out that other people would like to drink them as well. Basically we thrive off trying to provide the pleasure that good beers can bring to people.

And if you had to choose, what’s your favourite beer you’ve brewed so far?

Le Commandant, a multi-hopped bone-dry Brut IPA. Think sparkling dry Champagne but with fruit-forward hop aromas.

Where does the branding come from – it’s really striking artwork that I absolutely love.

It’s done in-house by co-founder Oliver.

Away from the brewery for a second…

A question I ask on the podcast: your ultimate beer tasting – you can only drink one of each of the below styles again, no doubling up on breweries, which do you choose

  • Lager/Pilsner – Jever Pilsner
  • Blonde/Bitter – Boltmaker Timothy Taylor’s Brewery
  • IPA/Pale – Money by Barrier Brewery
  • Sour/Saison – Westbrook Gose
  • Porter/Stout – Buxton / Omnipollo Yellow Belly Sundae        

If you could collab with any brewery who would it be and why?

Deya brewery. Love the water profile and hop character of their beers.

If you could brew with any ingredients, on one monster brew, nothing’s off limits, what would you include?

Oysters, cranberries, sumac and vanilla.

Our beers of the week – what can you tell us about:

• Smökevurks – It’s a supremely-refreshing pale ale with a bold bitterness and zesty hop aroma.

• Rex – It’s a crisp easy-drinking dry-hopped lager with a hint of citrus hop aroma and a quasi-bread dough foundation of yeast and sweet malt.

• Bambino – It’s an American Pale with a heavy-hitting dose of tropical fruit and bitterness, accentuated by a sweet malt foundation.

The Covid Round

How much has the current situation put your brewing schedule for 2020 on hold?

It did initially but ultimately not very much because although not much went into keg, our canning line has been put through its paces over the last few months.

How can people continue to support you during this time?

They can get our beers via our website:

When we get through it all, which we will, what are your main plans for events and brews in the second half of 2020?

We had some exciting collabs with some much bigger hitters than us in the diary that we’ve had to push back because of Covid. Hopefully we’ll get those done and tee-up a rosy 2021…

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