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Single Review: Waiting For The Rain – Andrew Cushin.

Photo: Rick Snowdon

Andrew Cushin is more than a talented singer songwriter. He’s a troubadour, a lyrical poet who roams from town-to-town telling his touching tales. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will do soon.

I was lucky enough to see one of his last performances when he appeared on a This Feeling event at Brudenell Social Club, supporting The Lathums and The Mysterines. Perhaps it was because it was the first time that I had seen Cushin perform live, but it was him that left the greatest impression on me.

Waiting For The Rain is Cushin’s second single following on from the universally well received It’s Gonna Get Better. Now 20, Waiting For The Rain was written when he was only 15. Like the previous single it is a very personal song filled with a sense of vulnerability. Cushin’s songs are meshed in personal pain. Cushin’s lyrics and vocals have a realism about them – this song is a kitchen sink drama in verse form. I wrote previously about Cushin’s live performance and said that he doesn’t just open his heart out to the audience, ‘he takes it out of his chest and leaves it beating on the edge of the stage for you to inspect’. When you hear his recorded songs you can feel him baring his soul.

When you see him live, it’s just him and his guitar. The recorded version of Waiting For The Rain has more depth to it. There are layers of guitars, keyboards and drums on this track but the arrangement is subtle, it never overpowers the message in the song. It is still essentially the same song you see performed live but with added texture.

Noel Gallagher is a big supporter of Andrew Cushin, and if you believe what you see on social media he’s been lending a helping hand on some new recordings. You can see why Gallagher likes Cushin’s music. He has a great voice and is an accomplished guitarist, but it’s the songwriting where the greatest similarities are. Cushin writes songs where he exposes his vulnerability, he sings the type of song that, if it were an Oasis song, Noel wouldn’t trust Liam with. He’d sing it himself – think Little by Little or Talk Tonight.

There were a few artists that I saw before lockdown who were coming to a crossroads in their development, and I have concerns about possible missed opportunities. Andrew Cushin is not one of them. We’ll be ready when you are Andrew.

Ian Dunphy

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