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Garage Beer Co. x Whiplash Collab – Shoelaces

Shoelaces is the latest collaboration from Garage Beer Co. in Barcelona, this time with Whiplash, of the Republic of Ireland. The 6.5% IPA comes in a 440ml can and is currently widely available from bottle shops nationwide.

Branding: Everything about Garage Beer Co is by the book and to the point and their branding is included in that. For Shoelaces though, it’s an interesting can design being covered in cassette tapes; that said, it is a striking can and the blue/white colour would stand out to me on any shelf. Neat, tidy and enticing, just what you want from can art. 14/20

Aroma: So for a 6.5% pale ale, hopped with Citra, Columbus, Sabro and Simcoe, you’d expect big punchy tropical notes on the nose. This is much more subtle than anticipated though and actually doesn’t deliver hugely in aroma. You can smell the bitterness but it isn’t overly tropical or piney meaning there’s a lot left to the imagination before the first taste. 12/20

Taste: Wow. Just wow. I put, in the moment, on Untapped “This shouldn’t be allowed” as it’s that good and was one of the first 5* beers this year. It has coconut, lime, tangerine, mint; soo many incredible flavours packed into this beer. This is much simpler than other Garage beers, focusing on delivering a great NEIPA with fruity, caribbean like flavours and it does exactly that. I didn’t want this beer to end with it’s chewy finish, silky first taste and yeah, just incredible. 20/20

“Does what it says on the can”: In typical Garage fashion, they don’t give too much away in terms of brewing or literature but as far as what they claim is concerned “An IPA with London Fog Ale Yeast to highlight Sabro, Citra, Columbus and Simcoe” – it does that well. I’d love this on keg and in can it does well but maybe doesn’t highlight those four distinct hops in balance – the Sabro and Simcoe is dominant (which I love…) but it’s a good beer. 15/20

Originality: Yeah this is a NEIPA I haven’t tasted before. The Sabro is beautiful and Garage make very good use of London Fog to make it a warming, smooth beer. It’s on trend but Garage have done it in their own special, special way making this a real stand out. 16/20

Brewery: Garage Beer Co x Whiplash
ABV: 6.5%
Hops: Sabro, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe
Yeast: London Fog

Overall rating: 77/100


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