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Garage Beer Co. – Gone Hollywood

Photo: Garage Beer Co.

Gone Hollywood is a world-leading Berliner Weisse made with blackberry and rhubarb, brewed by Garage Beer Co. in Barcelona, Spain.

Branding: As would be expected with Garage Beer Co., the branding for Gone Hollywood is clean, easily digestible and makes you think a little. The green colour is crisp and would stand out on a shelf, and the name Barcelona Weisse is great. I like the literature provided on the reverse and it leaves a lot to the imagination – not giving too much away. 13/20

Aroma: As soon as the can was opened, Gone Hollywood offers a pungent, tart, blackberry aroma, reminiscent of wild fruits you’d put in a crumble or a fruit pie. The rhubarb takes a while to come through, but when poured, the fermented fruits combine and offer a really bitter-sweet smell. It smells sour and fruity and is beautiful on the nose. 16/20

Taste: The aroma allows you to connect with this Berliner Weisse in a really nice way. Whilst the Berliner Weisse isn’t as popular as the Gose or the Sour style at present, this kind of brewing could bring it back into the mainstream. It has a sweet, tart balance with a good fruit density; packed with blackberries and rhubarb. The flaked oats add a creaminess and a smoothness often missing from the style and the Golden Promise adds a pale ale depth again, remnant of a lactose sour rather than a Berliner Weisse. If you want a refreshing beer, full of fruit, sweetness and sour balance, this is the beer for you. Rhubarb isn’t difficult to brew well, but Garage have nailed it, and with some style. 17/20

“Does what it says on the can” rating: The only literature available on this can is “Barcelona Weisse with Blackberries and Rhubarb” and if that’s all we’ve got to go on, it delivers 100%. Blackberry and rhubarb flavours, lovely sourness and sweetness in the Weisse style. Nailed on but would like a few more words to judge this on! 16/20

Originality: I’m pretty sure it was Garage that first coined Barcelona Weisse; they’ve taken the traditional out of fashion Berliner and made it a beer for 2020. Sitting in the middle of a Gose and a Sour this is both smooth and sour, creamy and light and it’s a really stand-out, one off brew. Original but seems so in tune with the wider Garage ethos. 18/20

Brewery: Garage Beer Co
ABV: 4.5%
Overall rating: 80/100

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