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Ainsty Ales Assassin Oatmeal Stout

Ainsty Assassin 4.9% oatmeal stout. Ainsty Ales is an independent brewery based in the heart of the old ‘York & Ainsty Wapentake’ in York, UK.

Branding: An eye catching 330ml can with Ainsty Ales logo and a bold name, description of style and an image that reminds me of a diving bell helmet. I like that the branding is different to the hand pull appearance and allows the reach of the product to be expanded. 11/20

Aroma: Upon opening the ring pull you see a nicely carbonated fizz that leads to a head that stays throughout the duration of the drink. Initial aromas are a slight hint of coffee and chocolate. 12/20

Taste: The taste is a slightly sweet and smooth one that coats the mouth with some hints that reminds me of a brown ale if I was to close my eyes. A balance of complex flavours coming through pretty well makes it enjoyable with a good aftertaste. The subtle alcohol detected in it means it’s a quaffable session stout indeed. 14/20

“Does what it says on the can”: Indeed the oaty flavours and the stout style come through with some pleasing intensity. The alcohol at 4.9% is well balanced and actually would mistake this for something perhaps in the 6% bracket. 14/20

Originality: Typically I associate Ainsty Ales with blondes, pales and the occasional porter/stout. This is a great addition to their selection and one which I’m sure will expand their appeal with the craft drinkers and those who like to explore the many tastes out there. 13/20

Brewery: Aisnty Ales – York

ABV: 4.9%

Overall rating: 64/100

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