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Brew By Numbers – 05 | India Pale Ale – East Coast 2020

05 IPA – East Coast 2020 is one of BBNo’s latest brews, part of the double header released alongside West Coast 2020.

Branding: There’s really something about Brew By Numbers I like when it comes to their branding; it’s a science, to the point they have a full brand development story central to their brewery. On this beer, I like the fact the beer style is clear, nice amount of literature in a great font, and on a shelf, this stands out for me without a doubt. 17/20

Aroma: So this was really interesting. I drank this directly after the West Coast equivalent, and being honest, didn’t get too much on the aroma, certainly not as much as I expected. After a while though the citrus came through as did the stone fruit. Still, not a shadow on it’s bigger brother from the West Coast when it comes to it’s impact on the nose. 9/20

Taste: Now, this might have been an unfair comparison, as drinking this straight after the punchy 6.8% West Coast 2020, it was never going to stack up on flavour, and being truthful, it didn’t. It had a lovely smooth mouth-feel, packed with oats to bring out the best in the hops with low bitterness. But for a Brew By Numbers beer, this missed the mark. It had a really low bitterness level, which gave it next to no aftertaste; the hops aren’t showcased enough and whilst this is very, very drinkable, compared to the West Coast, it doesn’t get close. 12/20

“Does what is says on the can”: On the can, it says this has a typical haze, with juicy hops, low bitterness and a smooth soft finish. I can confirm this beer does exactly that. It has a light, lemony pour; the hops are juicy rather than bitter and it was an exceptionally smooth finish. 18/20

Originality: Whether intentional or not, this is quite original. It is neither a juice bomb most NEIPAs are nowadays, nor a balanced East Coast beer of yesteryear. It is somewhere bang in the middle with a good haze, great finish and it has a really low bitterness for the amount of hops used. So this isn’t like a beer I’ve tasted before meaning it gets a solid score for me on this. 16/20

Brewery: Brew By Numbers – London
ABV: 6.2%
Hops: Loral, Citra, Chinook, Zeus & Summit

Overall rating: 72/100

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