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Single Review: Modern Times – Reclaim Vienna.

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Releasing an unexpected lock-down single, based on remote writing and isolation demos is a ballsy move. With their surprise digital release Modern Times, I think that Reclaim Vienna just about pull it off.

I’ve really liked the earlier songs from Reclaim Vienna. With their anthemic guitars, synth loops and driving drum beats on songs like Change The Echo, Paris and Kick The Butterfly, Reclaim Vienna achieve their stated aim to create ‘joyous music you want to dance to.’ They set their standards high.

So it was with with a sense of hopeful anticipation that I listened to Modern Times. All the right elements were there, metronomic drum beats, synth-pop riffs, forceful bass-lines, and Jon Steen’s thoughtfully delivered vocals. I was relieved.

Lyric writer and guitarist Danny Smith explains that the song was written out of frustration and anger at the way people use social media. ‘It’s about people having opinions based on no evidence and…having social media to share them on. You have the right to your own opinion, but you don’t have the right to your own facts.’ Considering the theme of the song it’s feel is remarkably up-beat. The anger is reserved for the lyrics, ‘Think of yourself as a wildcard, think of yourself as a renegade, There’s millions just like you’. Well who says you can’t be angry and dance too?

The band are due to include Modern Times as one of 3 bonus tracks on a the forthcoming single Infamous, released by 42’s Records on 10th July 2020. For now it’s available on the normal platforms.

With songs being released thick and fast under difficult conditions, I hope that Reclaim Vienna are able to maintain their own high standards.

Ian Dunphy.

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