Roaster of the Week

Roaster of the Week – Frazer’s Coffee Roasters

Who are Frazer’s?

Based in Sheffield, Frazer’s Coffee Roasters began in 2014 with a keen focus on quality, fresh and great tasting coffee. Sounds good so far right…

They are big suppliers within the local Sheffield area, supplying cafes, restaurants and offices with their high quality roasts. What I like about the roaster’s specifically is their focus on following seasonality. Many roasters stick to similar single origin or blend roasts throughout the year, but the best follow seasonality making sure they are producing the freshest new and exciting coffees in Sheffield.

This week, as our Roaster of the Week, we’re sampling three of Roaster’s coffees; a Uganda Single Origin, Peruvian Single Origin and finally their signature Espresso Blend. Like what you’re reading? Head to their shop now and purchase the three and try with use!

Meet Frazer’s Coffee

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Frazer’s Coffees


Uganda Rwenzori

The Coffee:
Region: Rwenzori’ Western Uganda
Altitude: 1200-2200 m.a.s.l
Processing: Hand picked, floated, Sun dried

This single origin from Uganda is a coffee Frazer’s take great pride in. With hand picked, hand selected cherries, this coffee is of the highest quality. With tasting notes including sweet dried fruit, citrus.

We brewed this coffee, this week, with AeroPress and V60 pour over and this one really shone with the former. 16g ground coffee with 200ml hot water, and this had a silky, smooth texture that was light in body but offered a real caffeine hit. This single origin coffee was only roasted a week ago so it feels fresh but it doesn’t offer too much in terms of aroma. It does have a light citrusy note but not overpowering and it’s a really great mid-afternoon coffee.

Read more and buy here.

Peru Tunki


The Coffee:
Origin: Peru (TUNKI) Tambopata Region .
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra & Catimor.
Processing: Washed Pulped.

Peru is an area of the world that, for me, produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Generally high altitudes in stunning climate, these coffees are world leading without needing too much effort. The coffee in the Tambopata area though, is very well cared for and this coffee is grown 100% naturally; “The coffee beans are first fed and washed by pure spring waters and then harvested by hand by local indigenous Quechuan and Aymara speaking families who have worked the area for generations in harmony with the land.”

I’ll be honest, this was the one I was most looking forward to of the three sent to me and it delivered. It really delivered. Medium body, chocolatey flavours (especially with milk) and a nutty aftertaste that lingers.

We brewed the same as above, V60 and AeroPress and in both cases, this coffee was just great. Much deeper and maltier in the AeroPress, for a medium bodied roast, the flavour impressed. In the V60 it delivered a lighter feel, and there was a distinct citrus sweetness that meant no milk at all was needed. Really great roast with a clean acidity; almost the perfect coffee for my taste.

Read more and buy here.

Full Monty Espresso


The Coffee:

This is the signature blend from Frazer’s; their Espresso blend that is widely served in Sheffield. The story is pretty neat actually, the reason for the name – the original unit where Frazer’s is based was used as the set for The Full Monty! The coffee combines beans from central America, Africa and Indonesia, giving it a unique roast profile that is a real all rounder.

I would be happy to have Frazer’s Full Monty be the aroma I walk downstairs to every single day. The smell when grinding these beans is fantastic; chocolate sweetness and malty aromas are clear and there are no dominant fruit flavours or sharpness ruining the smell!

The taste is exactly what you’d expect. Not too strong, well balanced and a proper middle of the road taste – just what’s needed from an espresso blend. It doesn’t light the cup up like the previous single origins but it’s the coffee I’d choose to drink over and over again. They say it on their website, this is just proper coffee and I absolutely agree.

Read more and buy here.

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