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Brew By Numbers – 05 | India Pale Ale – West Coast 2020

05 IPA – West Coast 2020 is one of BBNo’s latest brews, part of the double header released alongside East Coast 2020.

Branding: Clean and crisp, as expected from BBNo. Great simplicity. ABV, ingredients and beer style very clear and like the 5 point rating for their core elements (Malt, Hops, Bitterness etc). Black and cream, in line with wider brand, no deviation, good work. 17/20

Aroma: Not too much on the nose from this one. Little hints of grapefruit and pine after a while but for a 6.8% ABV West Coast Pale, I expected a bit more. Subtle but far from punchy. 11/20

Flavour: It is a great West Coast pale. Heaps of tropical, pine flavours then a lasting bitterness that doesn’t fade. Little sweetness from the malt and this is hopped to the brim with bitter, floral flavours which I love. Taste’s like a real beer. 15/20

“Does what is says on the can”: Yeah this is absolutely what it says on the tin, a west coast IPA that is clear, bright and has a dominant pine flavour. I’d be very happy ordering this blind or as a billed west coast pale. 18/20

Originality: For BBNo, this is quite original. In their IPA range they stick to a duo or trio of hops, so having five different aroma hops involved here is different and you can tell. On the whole though, I’ve tasted similar beers, done just as well if not better, so loses marks there, especially noting their brewing location on Bermondsey, this isn’t their standout beer. 14/20

Brewery: Brew By Numbers – London
ABV: 6.8%
Hops: Loral, Citra, Chinook, Zeus & Summit

Overall rating: 72/100

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