Music Reviews

Track of the Day – Will I Ever Love Again

George Hughes has released his debut track Will I Ever Love Again? It’s a lockdown triumph, with a “Cinammon” folk line running through the track. You can’t help but tap your feet to this and I’m struggling to get it off repeat! Big working from home vibes and I like this a lot.

Leeds based 16 year old George Hughes was bored in his bedroom during the pandemic lockdown when he remembered a song he had worked on for a school GCSE music project. George wasn’t satisfied with the outcome at the time and it was bugging him.

George says: “The free time of lockdown gave me the time I needed to think about what was wrong with the song and how I could put it right”.
“Luckily I have some recording software in my bedroom and with the freedom, time and space of lockdown, I created and recorded my first song Will I Ever Love Again?”



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