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Single Review: Never Know – The Links.

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Photo: Rory Cowieson

I’ve been in lacking in motivation recently. A combination of lock-down fatigue and ‘Isolation Gig’ overload have left me somewhat in the doldrums. But then the new single Never Know from Edinburgh four-piece The Links dropped into my in-box and shook from my torpor.

Never Know is the second single from The Links following on from the their debut track Last Line. I defy you to listen to this release and not hear the influence of The Smiths. There’s a light, jangling lead guitar-riff intro which waits for the bass and drum rhythm section to join in. This rhythm section provides the song with its solid foundation, and it is pure Rourke and Joyce.

Lead singer Scott Williamson’s unshowy vocals are tinged with Scottish accent and add another dimension to the song. He sings thoughtful lyrics that explore the ultimately futile nature of the average twenty-something’s casual relationships – ‘I don’t believe I’ll ever see your bridal shoe’. In the release notes Williamson details that while writing the song, ‘A lot of people around me were in strange relationships at the time’.

The song is built on that solid rhythm section which gives the basis for the layered, jangly guitar motif to play in and out. The song builds towards a bridge section where the intensity is increased with use of a quick succession of rising notes.

I’m really enjoying what I’m hearing coming out of the Scottish music scene at the moment. There are big-hitters like The Snuts and The Dunts grabbing the headlines, but dig just a little bit deeper and there are a number of other talented bands on the rise including bands like The Rah’s and The Links.

If you are a fan of classic indie guitar music in the template created by The Smiths and taken forward by bands like The Bluetones, then The Links will be your cup of tea. Never Know is out now on the usual platforms.

Ian Dunphy.


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