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Grimsby. A town known for the Mighty Mariners, some of the finest fish and chips in the UK and that Elton John song, has long been the forgotten town of the North. Over the last two years or so though, one institution flying the flag for the North Lincolnshire town is Docks Beers, an innovative craft brewery located right in the heart of Grimsby Dock.

The latest edition of Booze Views features that exact brewery! We asked members of the public and fans of Docks Beers to submit their thoughts on the brewery, and here are the findings!

Axholme Brewing Launches Docks Beers and Opens New Brewery | Brewbound

What is the best thing about Docks Beers?

When we do this, many people champion the bar staff, the friendliness, the tap room itself and whilst that was absolutely true with Docks Beers, over half of the people who responded, chose the beer are the best thing about the brewery! Reassuring right?! But that wasn’t all the public had to say.

“There’s so much that make Docks Beers special. Variety of beer to the highest standard, they have great bar staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. And it’s a wonderful place to drink and addition to the local area.
Greg Morter

“They combine their passion for exceptional beers with local tradition and history. It makes for a beautiful love story between an array of outstanding beers and the communities surrounding the brewery.
Shane Harrison

I loved reading the responses about this brewery. A combination of great beer, great people and street food make it an enticing visit and as one fan said, “…my second home.” (Jo Arliss)

“In-house tap room, superb local beers, amazing staff, unbelievable venue, south facing terrace, street food vans every weekend, academy upstairs and a fantastic community of like minded people”
Guy Bryant

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What’s the best beer at Docks Beers?

There was a resounding favourite when it came to people choosing their favourite Docks beer with almost a third of people choosing Hard Graft, a 4.0%ABV Pale Ale with Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace.

Other popular choices included Never Say Die, a punchier 6.0% IPA; Overtime a 4% lager and Zeppelin Bend their belting 6.6% Belgian Pale.

Honorary mentions go to Cleethorpes Pale Ale and Leap of Faith, both chosen by the public!

Can you recall your favourite memory featuring the beers brewed by the brewery, or at the brewery itself?

Another really refreshing thing to read about Docks, is they take care of people on their Brewery Tour. For me, tours nationwide have become stagnant and dull, so hearing over half of respondents say how good Docks’ tour is, is great to see! There were some genuinely amazing responses to this but as always, here are our top five.

I remember trying their Baltic Porter, which is amazing, in the Tap Room, and ending up talking to the assistant bar manager about this and other strong dark beers we both love. It was his knowledge, his friendliness and his thoughtfulness. He always remembers me when I go in (about once a month until lockdown) and always has a suggestion of what to try and what he’s had recently. It’s like being part of an extended family and being appreciated just because you love their fabulous beers.
Phillip Brent
Grimsby and Cleethorpes are my home town, but I have lived in London for the last 10 years. It has been amazing to follow its success, visit when I can and watch this brewery grow from a far – something the town can be proud of and a place for people to enjoy!

Despite living away, no visit back home is now complete without a visit with my brother … it’s become tradition and we have many stories (and some we can’t remember) …… but my favourite has to be receiving a Docks Beer home care package from one of my best friends.

During this pandemic, I unfortunately am having to shield for 12 weeks due to falling into the clinically extremely vulnerable category  … so cannot leave my house never mind have a trip back home! Missing this connection – reviving a mix pack of their beers and some Merch in the post certainly made my day and enabled me to have a little slice of home, friendship and family when I can’t actually be with any of them.
Laura Mummery
As a birthday treat for my husband, him and a friend enjoyed a brewery tour then stayed all afternoon until a few of us met up to celebrate his birthday and stayed for the rest of the day/evening. A great time was had by everyone-especially the birthday boy.
Trudi Douglass
Far too many to list but the day I met ‘Hard Graft’, was the day I became hooked – we only sing when we’re fishing!
Guy Bryant
It was a Grimbarians event. Full of interesting local people and a fantastic atmosphere. Made me proud to be from Grimsby.
Major investment to see Docks Beers launch new music, comedy and ...
Photo: Docks Beers

Describe Docks Beers in 3 words

Here we go, just three words to describe the brewery! Let’s see what was picked!

Honest. Relevant. Innovative. 
Popular. Friendly. Trendy.
Innovative. Artisan. Amazing.
The very best
Fresh. Vibrant. Evolving.
Drink Docks Beer
Epic. Epic. Epic 
Friendly. Knowledgable. Beautiful. 
Fun. Friendly. Informative.
Friendly. Atmospheric. Fun
Home from home 
Fervent. Remarkable. Outstanding.
Awesome. Excellent. Amazing.
Awesome. Relaxing. Fun.
Unique Real Beer
Local. Friendly. Exciting 
Passionate. Friendly. Progressive
Quality. Chilled. Inspiring

Why should someone who hasn’t tried Docks consider it?

The last question is always for those who haven’t heard of the brewery. We ask why others should consider either a trip or think about drinking their beer. With Docks it was a direct split between The Beer itself and the Taproom and people involved with it.

The Taproom

“This is always our go to place whether its for a quick drink, couples night out, afternoon drinks and food or a full on night of drinking with friends. We love it, everyone should at least try it once!”
Trudi Douglass

“This is a unique brewery whose tap room is located inside the brewery. You can see the brew you are drinking!!”
Jimmy Johnson

The Beer

“They have a fantastic range, they are have beers for all tastes and they are always trying to push boundaries and get new styles out there. They also treat all their customers as valuable friends.”
Phillip Brent

“It’s different and the range of tastes and flavours are great with great choice.”
Vagn Hansen

“Variety. Whatever your preference there is a great beer for you, whether it be IPA’s, stouts, lager etc”
Chris Parker


I loved reading about Docks. I haven’t had the pleasure of heading there yet but based on these responses, I’ll be making a trip as soon as I’m allowed to!

“Docks Beers brew with heritage, tradition and history at heart. Not only can the communities surrounding the brewery rely on Docks to produce something that oozes GY Till I Die, there’s more than enough love in their products to please national and international beer-quaffers and remind them that there’s more to the forgotten fishing town of Grimsby than fish. If you want beers that are crammed to the rafters with quality and passion, then look no further.”
Shane Harrison

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