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Booze Views – Accidental Brewery

The very first edition of Booze Views is here, bringing your views to life! Every month we ask members of the public, fans of their local brewery, to submit their thoughts for the world to see why they love it so much! The first edition is with…Accidental Brewery.

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Who are Accidental Brewery?

Based in Lancaster, Accidental Brewery are the areas first nano-brewery, situated close to the town centre. The brewery is family run and produce some fine beers in the north-west of England.

What is the best thing about the brewery?

The first question in Booze Views always throws up some belting answers and we had 14 to choose from with Accidental Brewery. One thing that was really clear from the public was the friendliness of the people involved.

The best thing about Accidental has to be the friendliness and attention to detail they apply to everything they do. These were great before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now they’ve notched them up several levels.
Mike Whitfield

Friendly, knowledgeable staff which make you feel like part of the family when you walk in. They also stock a stunning line up of beer, and produce there own beer which goes head to head with some of the best out there!
Steven Whitehead

“Customer facing communication. Head brewer Mike is always on the front line with the rest of the staff to talk about his beer, as well as the brewing community and craft beer culture in general, all while serving glasses full of his lovely beer. He is also welcoming of feedback on his brews – the classic mark of a dedicated craftsman.”
David Coppafeel (Assumed not real name but great all the same)

If it isn’t the friendliness, it’s the great range of beer on offer cited by customers.

“They‚ are amazing, really good mix of beers (including their own), welcoming for people who know their beers but also for people who maybe aren’t as knowledgable. Really friendly & go that extra mile without making it seem like a big deal.”

“Large variety, always something for everyone and everything is always so appealing. Enjoyable place to drink in nice surroundings too (when it’s not rammed!) Oh and the stouts!”
Emily Japp

What’s the best beer at the brewery?

Absolutely loved the range of beers chosen by the fans here, all 14 gave a different response! What was clear though, was Accidental make great stouts with mentions for their Raspberry Milk Stout, Brew Barista Sorachi Stout, Third Dimension and Chilli Con Colab.

Some IPAs were certainly picked up on as well with mentions for NOT Huck the FazeD, an 8% Imperial IPA, Basking Sharks, Norwegian Pale Ale and Colin.

Accidental Brewery and Micropub | Visit Lancaster
Photo Credit: Visit Lancaster

Can you recall your favourite memory featuring the beers brewed by the brewery, or at the brewery itself?

I love this question, brings back some fond memories, some memories people would rather forget, but always some great responses so we’ve chosen our top five!

Honorary mentions go to the Neon Raptor Tap Takeover (chosen by Andy Verden), the first time someone had bacon on a beer (chosen by Paul Russell) and a shout out for the person who heads down there and not being able to decide if they really like a beer or really hate it and ending up really loving it (chosen by Emily Japp)

Top Five Memories

My boyfriend really enjoy their home-brewed IPA whilst we had a BBQ in our tiny yard to try and make the lockdown bank holiday special
Jennifer Collyer
Right now, in the middle of the lockdown, they changed from a pub to a delivery service. It was lovely to have the chance of drinking a nice beer while isolated
Anthony Lopez
Mike (owner) had brewed a special birthday celebration stout and let me and my mate have a taste right out of the vat thing before it was quite done and on sale. Had chillis in and was spicy and just very unusual and fantastic.
Phil Shentall
That would be the Big Bastard Stout Showcase. The venue decided to retire a tap takeover of impy stouts. A few friends and I had a very good time at that event to the point where my head starts to hurt if I so much as try to remember the cataclysmicly unholy hangover.
David Coppafeel (again)
I often go with my friend Janet, & the fun we have randomly working our way through the beer board is immeasurable. We have a nice line on pulling ‚oooh, that’s nice faces at each other, & it’s always nice that the Accidental peeps stop to chat, make sure everything’s okay & make recommendations. My favourite memory is when they really nicely saved a table for us for a leaving do – the space is limited in Accidental so it was a really kind thing to do. I haven’t had a bad night in Accidental, & it’s so firmly established itself as our place to go that it seems bizarre to think it’s only just over a year old.
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Photo: Accidental Brewery

Describe Accidental Brewing in 3 words

Here we go, just three words to describe the brewery! Let’s see what was picked!

Welcoming. Personal. Innovative.
Unique. Fantastic Choice. Welcoming (Four words there Andy!)
Friendly. Local. Delicious.
Inventive. Consistent. Professional. 
Welcoming. Amazing. Missed. (at the moment)
Friendly. Innovative. Quality. 
Creative. Friendly. Tasty.
Banging tight brews.
Homely. Passionate. Professional
Friendly. Casual. Quality. 
Cosy. Unique. Friendly
Small skilled precision.
Delicious. Different. Friendly.
Welcoming. Knowledgable. Professional 

Why should someone who hasn’t tried Accidental consider it?

Last question we ask people, and it’s an interesting one; for those who have never heard of Accidental, or haven’t tried them, why should you bother?

Well first up it seems they have a great selection of beers…

You might discover that you like something completely different to anything you’ve tried before!” Mike Whitfield

The exceptional quality and extensive selection of beer.” Jennifer Collyer

Because they give their all to create unique flavours.” Sue Clough

Beer so astonishingly good you’d have thought they had been brewing for generations.” Edward Glass

Their beers are on a par with some big craft brewery names. On Untappd recently they were No 2 in the uk. They use quality ingredients. The owner runs the tap room and is exceptionally knowledgeable about brewing and craft beer in general.” Dot McCormack

As a place to visit, it seems to be a friendly, local place with a great atmosphere…

“It’s a good atmosphere, you can have a good chat because there’s not loud background music, & it’s introduced me to some really good beers & helped me be a bit more adventurous in my choices. It’s small but quite perfectly formed! & ladies …. the toilets are the very best, cleanest & nicest public toilets I’ve ever used!?

It’s summed up for me by this quote:

“They always go the extra mile whether it’s the current line up of beers, the cleanliness of the bar or the quality of their own creations, they are an exceptional Micro Brewery who set very high standards and deliver in every way. I am very proud that I am local to them.”
Stephen Whitehead

There we go, first edition of Booze Views is over and what a start. Thanks to all the fans of Accidental Brewery and head to their web shop now to start discovering what the fuss is all about.

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