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Introduction to Canopy Brewing

Who are Canopy Beer Co.?

Brewers of craft beer and humble glories, Canopy Beer Co. are a brewery based in South London, brewing some of the most simple but awesome beers in the industry. Whether it’s their Kolsch, perfect for a summers day, or their IPAs, juicy, hazy and light – Canopy get the basics right and their core range is one of the strongest out there.

“Here’s to all the backyard tinkerers, garden shed inventors, do-ers and makers. Success doesn’t come easily, and sometimes not at all, but the reward is in the trying. You do it because it’s hard, not easy. The important thing is to make a start and keep going. Sometimes we fail, but we always celebrate with a beer at the end of the day.”
Canopy Beers

Canopy Beer Co | Herne Hill

What beers did we taste?

Sunray Pale Ale – 4.2%

The Beer

Canopy say that their Sunray Pale is the beer to reward yourself with after a hard day grafting, and this was the first beer we drank after a long Friday working. Should be perfect.

Hops: Chinook and Centennial

“A beer for all occasions, not just when the sun is shining.”

Canopy Beers
Cb Assets Can 640X625 330Ml Sunray L

Adam’s Verdict

So I thought this was a really well balanced beer. Chinook and Centennial are becoming a popular hop-combo and Canopy have nailed it here. Nice earthy but floral flavours with tropical aromas and a great, smooth mouth feel. For me, up there with the best Pale Ales I’ve had this month.

Leanne’s Verdict

From a branding perspective, it doesn’t jump out at me as something special so I was expecting a kind of standard IPA. Aroma-wise, has big hop smells for a 4.2% IPA, fresh and a sweetness that made me want to drink it. Light, good fizz, refreshing beer and a sweet malty finish in the aftertaste.

Snapper Session IPA – 4.8%

The Beer

A 4.8% Session IPA, in theory, shouldn’t exist. At that ABV, it should be a sure-fire IPA, not so sessionable, but Canopy’s Snapper is exactly what it says it is. Light, hazy, tropical, everything you’d want in a session just with a slight alcohol bite.

Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe, Amarilly

Cb Assets Can Master 640X625 330Ml Snapper L

Adam’s Verdict

Seemed strange to be drinking a Session IPA second in a tasting evening, but at 4.8%, I think they’re pushing that terminology a touch. That said, this is without doubt, a really sessionable pale and it masks that 4.8ABV well, dangerously well. I said it in my Untapped rating “Didn’t want this beer to end. Enough said.”

Leanne’s Verdict

Two beers in and I get the branding now – it’s something I’d look out for in a bottle shop, see what creature they put on new beers. It’s got big juicy aroma, fruity and super sweet. For me, this has more about it than the pale; packs a tropical fruit punch, almost banana-like, but then after a few gulps it loses that sweetness which is good. Great refreshing summer beer, could happily drink these all afternoon, but for me it’s quite boozy for a session so maybe consider a re-name as people might expect something different.

Brockwell IPA – 5.6%

The Beer

A real beer to enjoy in the height of summer, unlike the Snapper Session, this one hides its ABV well and is super sessionable. Hazy, tropical, juicy, it’s the perfect barbecue beer. Named after the park near the brewery, I love the branding and the story behind this beer.

Hops: Citra, Cascade

Cb Assets Can Master 640X625 330Ml Brockwell L

Adam’s Verdict

This one was a much drier beer than the previous too and it had a bitterness I wasn’t expecting which I liked a lot. Very well hopped, lush, crushable tropical flavours and again, masks the ABV well to make this a drinkable beer. I could happily sit and drink can after can of Brockwell IPA – a great all rounder.

Leanne’s Verdict

So, the branding I love, but the names don’t stand out to me. Seeing the cans next to each other I like the uniqueness but the consistency. It smells fudge-like. Rich, sweet and it’s almost caramelised. I was a little disappointed at first sip, didn’t pack the punch the Snapper did but the more I drank, the better it got. It is tropical, a good dose of the hop flavours end in a warm bitterness and I’d definitely choose this in a beer garden.E

Passionfruit & Raspberry Gose – 4.5%

The Beer

Big, big fruity flavours from this Gose style beer. In Canopy’s special range, this one packs a citrus but fruity punch whilst balancing sweet and sour well. They call it the fruit salad of beer and it absolutely is.

Please do not take your fruit salad for granted, especially if you have the last one on the planet.

Canopy Beers
CB Assets Can 640x625 440ml RP Gose L

Adam’s Verdict

The only one outside of the core range, and a beer style I don’t normally like so much. This Passionfruit and Raspberry Gose though, is yet another brilliant beer. All four beers have been above expectations and this hits all the right notes; a sweetness that isn’t overbearing, a sourness that isn’t too “screwface” in style and a great flavour balance; you get both fruits in waves and this is just awesome brewing.

Leanne’s Verdict

This beer excited me. I’m a sour and gose fan and those two flavours stand out. It definitely smells like a gose and the raspberry is clear in the aroma. Then the taste, wow. It’s salty then sour then fruity and it ends on a wonderful sweet/sour note. Again, for me it’s more raspberry than passion fruit but that’s not a bad thing! Great beer.

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