Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 4 – Saltaire Brewery

Episode Four of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Adam from Saltaire Brewery, a top brewery in West Yorkshire join me to chat all things beer, the brewery’s rebrand and his bucket list beer tasting.

“At Saltaire we’re passionate about how we make our beer – it’s the only way we know how. We don’t compromise on quality. Truly independent, we’ve been making internationally award-winning beer this way since 2006.From Triple Choc, our multi award-winning speciality stout to Velocity, our deliciously citrusy and refreshing session IPA, our aim is always to create exceptional beer for drinkers everywhere.?

In this episode, we talk about three of Saltaire’s beers, my favourite, Imperial Triple Choc, their most famous beer Saltaire Blonde and Adam’s favourite Cascade, going into detail about the story of the beers and why they’re so important to Saltaire.

I then take Adam through his ultimate beer tasting tour featuring beers from Northern Monk, Timothy Taylor’s and Saltaire itself.

We end the episode how all episodes end, every guest must pick a set of five songs to enter the H2N Podcast Playlist.

Enjoy the episode!

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